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Dr. Jacono Talks Masculine Jaws With Details

Information About Masculine Jaw Surgery in New York, NY with Top Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Andrew Jacono.

What Makes a Jawline Masculine?

Dr. Jacono was recently featured in Details Magazine to discuss the appearance and structural importance of masculine jawlines. Jacono, the director of the New York Center for Facial, Plastic, and Laser Surgery, routinely sees male patients who complain that their chin and jawline areas don’t fit the masculine bill. This can be the result of anything from genetics to chin recession to weight gain.

Details - Masculine Jaw

“A lot of men out there see extremely masculine profiles on billboards, television, and online. They feel like they don’t look manly enough,” says Dr. Jacono. “This isn’t surprising. Men in Hollywood, especially the superheroes types, have very masculine features. A sculpted jawline is just one of these defining characteristics. The lower third is angular, protrusive, and well-muscled—in other words, masculine faces project in an aesthetically pleasing way. Many people simply don’t have the genetics or body type for this.”

Although a naturally masculine jawline can be rare, this hasn’t stopped people from seeking it out. With the help of cosmetic surgical and non-invasive procedures, men are able to construct their own masculine features.

Cosmetic Jawline Procedures

There are two main methods of sculpting a masculine jawline. The first is to undergo jawline surgery. Doctors have the ability to insert customized implants that amplify certain jaw and chin angles. The procedure is relatively quick and simple, and downtime is minimal. There is only a week or two of swelling before results begin to take their final shape. The biggest perk of surgery is that it is permanent. In other words, no touch-ups are needed after the procedure is over.

Chin and jawline surgery is extremely effective,” says Dr. Jacono. “I make sure to discuss the size and shape of the implants with the patient before the procedure and tailor it all to their specifications. During the surgery itself, I make a few small cuts, insert the implant, and secure it to the facial bones. Once everything heals, the area in question looks great: angular, masculine, and altogether handsome. Even smaller implants make a major difference.”

Despite surgery’s popularity and efficacy, some patients would rather not go under the knife. This can be for several reasons, including medical conditions and a general fear of invasive intervention. In these cases, physicians recommend either minimally invasive or non-invasive treatments.

Non-Surgical Masculine Jawline Procedures

“When surgery is off the table, there are plenty of other choices for patients to take advantage of,” says Dr. Jacono. “There are injectables, peels, lasers, and countless other remedies. All these offer different results, so it’s best to do your research before picking one over another.”

Injectables are quite effective at creating results similar to surgery. Hyaluronic acid in particular sculpts certain areas of the face, smoothing wrinkles and hollows. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the body that normally acts as a joint lubricant. When isolated and reinserted into the face, however, it eliminates pesky folds and adds appropriate volume.

Hyaluronic acid’s best feature is that it is extremely versatile. In other words, it can be injected into just about every area of the face for different purposes. When placed in the jaw and chin areas, hyaluronic acid adds volume and angularity that would only be possible with surgery. The procedure doesn’t take very long—usually less than an hour. It offers tweaks that can be mild or more dramatic depending on the patient’s needs. Results last anywhere between 9 and 12 months based on how quickly the patient’s body metabolizes the substance. In some cases, outcomes can last even longer.

Hyaluronic acid injections have become extremely popular as of late,” says Dr. Jacono. “They are mostly used to smooth wrinkles and add volume to age-induced troughs, but when placed in the jaw and chin, they add considerable volume. What’s interesting to see is that, in the last few years, this injectable’s demand has grown by a whopping 32%. This is a testament to hyaluronic acid’s effectiveness.”

Who Is Dr. Jacono?

Dr. Andrew A. Jacono specializes in minimally invasive facial rejuvenation. He is an assistant clinical professor at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary and at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, as well as, the head of facial plastic surgery at North Shore University Hospital. He is the fellowship director for the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Jacono has been published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal and the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery. He has also been featured on Good Morning America, Anderson, CNN, and USA Today, Parade, and Newsweek. His television series, Facing Trauma, appeared on OWN. As a senior adviser to FACE TO FACE, he provides pro-bono surgery to domestic violence victims. He is a volunteer surgeon for Healing The Children. He is particularly renowned for his Extended Deep-Plane Facelift technique, which avoids the plastic-looking pitfalls of older procedures

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