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Information on Growth Factors and Hair Loss Treatments

Growth Factor, is a cutting edge treatment that uses a solution created with a high concentration of platelets which are administered to the treatment area via an injection. These injections of Growth Factors are used to stimulate and promote healthy tissue regeneration.

The platelets used in the Growth Factor treatments are naturally found in the human body and work by repairing damaged tissue. These platelets also help to stimulate the body’s own growth factors to move towards the tissue damage to help in the repair process.

Growth Factors are created by extracting the patient’s blood which is then run through a centrifuge machine. The centrifuge machine then spins the blood around at a high speed which in turn separates out the red and white blood cells from the platelets. The result is a high concentration of growth factors that contains three to five times the normal number of platelets found in the blood. It also contains PDGF (platelet-derived growth factor), VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor), TGF (transforming growth factor), and other proteins that help with soft tissue healing.

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Growth Factors Hair Loss Treatment

As one of only a handful of hair transplant surgeons in New York, Dr. Jacono offers growth factor hair loss treatments and hair loss preventative treatments at his Long Island and NYC offices.

For hair loss treatments, Dr. Jacono will perform the growth factor injections in conjunction with a hair transplant procedure. This not only helps to speed up the healing process but also helps to reduce and minimize scar formation on the scalp. This treatment is offered for both his Neograft hair transplant patients and those who receive a traditional strip hair transplant surgery.

Dr. Jacono also uses growth factors as a hair loss preventative treatment. When injected into the scalp, growth factors have shown that it will help to slow down hair loss and in many cases, stimulate hair growth in hair follicles that have begun to minimize. For this treatment, Dr. Jacono recommends a series of injections over the course of a year with each set of injections happening every other month. 

Growth Factor Treatment Before and After Patient: This young man was unhappy with the thinning hair on the top of crown. He underwent 3 Growth Factor treatment sessions over a three-month period to reverse the hair loss and regrow his hair. The after photo shows a much fuller crown and this patient is extremely satisfied with his results.

Before & After
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ACell® + Growth Factor Treatments

ACell + Growth FactorAnother wound healing product that is used with Growth Factors is called ACell®. This FDA approved cellular regeneration product is combined with the patient’s own growth factors and has shown to improve hair regrowth in both male and female patients.

This unique proprietary healing agent is created using tissue from pig bladders and is safe for most patients. Patients who have known allergic reactions or sensitivity to porcine materials should not use ACell® at all. The product’s chemical structure is very like human tissue and contains rich collagen and proteins that are perfect for wound healing.

Dr. Jacono can combine ACell® with Growth Factors and inject both into the scalp. This application of Growth Factors + ACell® then causes the miniaturized hair follicles to become healthier and grow larger. This will help to create a more robust hair growth from the transplanted donor hairs.

This treatment is effective for both men and women who suffer from hair loss. ACell® works by activating adult growth factors called follicular progenitor cells. Combined with the healing qualities of Growth Factors that promote rapid cell growth, this treatment effectively regrows hair for those suffering from eyebrow hypotrichosis and alopecia areata.

Benefit of ACell + Growth Factors

One of the main benefits of ACell® and Growth Factor therapy is that it helps protects against additional hair loss while it restores hair quantity for patients who have thinning hair. Dr. Jacono uses this treatment for:

  • Male hair loss
  • Female hair loss
  • Hypotrichosis
  • Alopecia Areata

Dr. Jacono also uses this procedure as an option for patients who had previously undergone hair restoration surgery. It is a great way to increase hair density without the need for additional surgeries.

Results from ACell® + Growth Factors

Patients generally see new hair growth become visible within 4 to 6 months following their ACell® + Growth Factor injections. Hair will continue to thicken over the following year. Thicker and denser hair is typically noticeable in the treated area and especially evident in the hairline. Results typically last up to a year and can be prolonged with follow-up ACell® + Growth Factor treatments.

Growth Factor Hair Loss Injections – ACell + Growth Factor Hair Regrowth – New York Growth Factor Hair Injections

Dr. Jacono and his staff will monitor your hair growth and develop a customized regimen that will be optimal for each patient’s needs.

To learn more about Growth Factor treatments, including ACell® + Growth Factors, contact Dr. Jacono today to schedule your consultation. You can also schedule an appointment by calling his office at 516-773-4646.

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