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Earlobe Reduction Surgery and Earlobe Reshaping

Information About Ear Lobe Reduction with Dr. Andrew Jacono in New York, NY

What Is an Earlobe Reduction Surgery?

earlobe reduction surgery new york
Photo of a young man with Elongated Earlobes

Earlobe reduction surgery is a common procedure. It corrects large, pendulous, and asymmetrical lobes. Often, longer lobes are hereditary, though in some cases, they are caused by ungraceful aging.

For many people, the earlobes are not prominent unless they wear earrings. This is because jewelry draws attention to the ears. Earrings can also get caught on clothing, which may cause the earlobes to rip. Heavier weight on earlobes can also exacerbate stretching, especially with age. Defects can easily become more visible and aesthetically problematic.

Patients unhappy with the appearance of their earlobes routinely visit Dr. Andrew Jacono for cosmetic treatment. He performs earlobe correction surgery both on Long Island and in New York City.

Benefits of Earlobe Reduction

Generally speaking, this surgery corrects the following issues:

  • Earlobes that are too large
  • Floppy earlobes with excess hanging skin
  • Earlobes that become unanchored during a facelift

The greatest benefit patients see, is its aesthetic difference. Patients often report greater satisfaction with their appearance after the procedure.

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Earlobe Reduction Recovery

The procedure is a relatively simple surgery that takes about 30 minutes to complete. Usually, the procedure requires no downtime, meaning patients can immediately return to work. There may be some residual swelling that lasts up to a week, but this subsides on its own.

Before patients leave Dr. Jacono’s surgical center, they will schedule a follow-up appointment. Dr. Jacono prefers to see his earlobe reduction patients a few days after surgery. This allows him to remove stitches and ensure proper healing

Frequently Asked Questions About Earlobe Reduction

Patients usually have a number of questions about earlobe reduction procedures. These include, but are certainly not limited to the following:

Can Earlobes Be Reduced?

Yes, earlobes can be surgically reduced. The procedure itself is rather simple and does not take very long to perform. On average, the procedures last between 30 and 45 minutes.

Do Earlobes Get Bigger with Age?

Earlobes may get longer and looser with age. With time, the pull of gravity takes its toll on the earlobes, stretching skin and sometimes causing the earlobes to rip. This is especially true in those who wear ear jewelry.

What Are Some Earlobe Reduction Techniques?

Many factors determine the aesthetic beauty of an earlobe. These include size, position, and harmony with the rest of the patient’s features.

For patients who desire smaller ear lobes, there are several surgical techniques to reduce them. The two most common of these are the wedge and peripheral margin reduction methods.

The wedge reduction technique is performed under local anesthesia. This means that the patient is not sedated during surgery. The procedure begins by marking the earlobes in a geometric shape. Dr. Jacono then removes excess earlobe tissue and closes the incision with stitches. There is minimal scarring.

The peripheral margin reduction technique outlines the bottom of the earlobe to the new, desired length. Dr. Jacono then places an incision on the earlobe’s medial surface to hide the scar. Finally, he trims away tissue and sutures the area.

Is Ear Lobe Reduction Surgery Painful?

Earlobe reduction surgery is not painful. Local anesthesia injections numb the area so that, during surgery, patients feel nothing. Post-operative discomfort should be minimal, and swelling should only last a week.

It offers no real complications and is performed based on expectations and desired outcomes. In some cases, Dr. Jacono uses CO2 laser resurfacing to smooth the surface of the earlobe and blend the scar.

Earlobe Reduction Consultation

To determine whether this procedure is right for you, it is best to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jacono. The appointment allows you to outline your expectations and goals. Dr. Jacono will help you determine if an earlobe reduction is the best option, as well as which method he will use.

To learn more about this surgery, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jacono, please call his office. His New York location can be reached at 212-570-2500. His Long Island location can be reached at 561-773-4646. You can also complete an online consultation form, and our patient coordinators will be happy to schedule your appointment.

Earlobe Reduction Before and After Photos

Earlobe Reduction Before and After Patient 1:

This young woman was unhappy with the size and shape of her earlobe. Dr. Jacono performed an earlobe reduction to correct these issues. In the patient’s after photo, the earlobe is slightly smaller and balances well with her facial profile.

Before & After
earlobe reduction and earlobe repair

Earlobe Reduction Before and After Patient 2:

This woman was unhappy with the length and droopiness of her earlobe. Dr. Jacono performed an earlobe reduction to reduce its overall size and shape. The patient’s after photo shows a smaller, more feminine earlobe.

Before & After
earlobe reduction new york city

Earlobe Reduction Before and After Patient 3:

This young woman did not like the size and shape of her earlobe. Dr. Jacono performed an earlobe reduction procedure to reduce the overall size and shape of her earlobe.

Before & After
best earlobe reduction nyc

Earlobe Reduction Before and After Patient 4:

This patient was unhappy with the length and sagginess of her earlobes. Dr. Jacono performed an earlobe reduction to reduce the size of her earlobes. They are now more proportional and better fit her other facial features.

Before & After
new york earlobe reduction surgery

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