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Chin Augmentation: Chin and Jaw Implants

Learn about Chin Augmentation and Jaw Reshaping in New York City with Dr. Andrew Jacono.

What Is Chin Implant Surgery?

Facial Implants Facial contouring with custom facial implants by New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Jacono.

Chin surgery, also known as mentoplasty, augments or reduces the size of the chin. Chin augmentation is usually performed with chin implants but can sometimes be done with fat transfers from other parts of the body. Chin reduction, on the other hand, files, or burrs down the bone to reduce its appearance.

A well-defined chin gives the face balance and is an integral part of an attractive profile.

In men, a strong, square chin and jawline are ideal. For this reason, jaw implants are often used in conjunction with chin implants. In women, the chin and jawline should be defined, but softer and more understated.

During a chin augmentation, Dr. Jacono cuts a small incision inside the mouth or in the natural crease line beneath the chin. He then stretches the tissue to create space for the implant. Fine sutures are used to close the incisions. Any resulting scars are imperceptible.

During a jaw augmentation, Dr. Jacono cuts an incision within the mouth and places the implant where the inside of the cheek meets the gums.

Types of Chin Implants

Dr. Jacono uses a variety of implant materials including Silastic, GoreTex, and Medpor. He also uses customized implants to fit patients’ individual needs. In some cases, he extracts fat from other parts of the body and moves it to the chin or jawline to increase definition. Chin and jawline implants last a lifetime.

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How Does a Chin Implant Change Your Appearance?

A chin implant provides major benefits. It not only makes the chin look larger and more balanced but improves the definition of the neck and jawline and also reduces the appearance of a double chin.

Often, chin implants bring new balance to the nose area, as they bring the chin in better line with the base of the nose. Increasing the height or width of the chin can also make the jawline appear more proportionate.

Am I a Good Candidate for Chin Augmentation?

If you have a weak chin and are unhappy with how it looks, you may be a candidate for chin augmentation. You may also benefit from surgery if you have experienced trauma that physically altered your chin or jawline. Patients with double chins may also seek chin augmentations.

All prospective patients should be in good physical health and refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco prior to and after surgery.

Why Choose Dr. Jacono for your Surgery?

Dr. Jacono is a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has extensive training in chin and jaw augmentation. He is proud to deliver the best, most natural results possible. 

To see if you are a candidate for surgery with Dr. Jacono, please contact our offices in New York City or on Long Island.

Chin Implant Before and After Photos

Chin Implant Patient 1:

This young man was unhappy with his weak chin. Dr Jacono performed a chin augmentation using a customized chin implant. His after photos shows a stronger, more masculine chin.

Before & After
Chin Augmentation New York
Before & After
Chin Augmentation New York City

Chin Surgery Patient 2:

This young woman had a weak chin and large, over-projected nose. She underwent a rhinoplasty and a chin implant to balance her skeletal structure. The chin augmentation complements her new nose.

chin surgery implant before photo patient
chin surgery implant after photo patient 1

Chin Implant Surgery Patient 3:

This man had a weak, unbalanced chin. Dr. Jacono inserted a customized chin implant to build a strong, square jawline. The patient now looks considerably more masculine.

Before & After
chin implant male before photo patient
chin implant male after photo patient

Chin Surgery Patient 4:

This woman had a weak chin, which emphasized her jowling and drooping neck. She underwent a customized chin augmentation with a pre-jowl implant to fill in her marionette lines. She also had a mini facelift to redefine her jawline.

chin augmentation before photo patient
chin augmentation after photo patient

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