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Male Chin Augmentation

Info About Male Chin Augmentation procedures in New York, NY with Dr. Andrew Jacono.

Male Chin Implants

Male Chin Augmenation: See how Dr. Jacono approaches chin augmentation and chin implant procedures for his male patients.

While there have been some cases of Dr. Jacono’s patients asking him to slightly reduce their chin size, a procedure called a chin reduction, the vast majority of his male patients who come in to have surgery on their chin are getting chin implants. Dr. Jacono discusses appropriate chin size with his patients during the initial consultation and together they will decide on how large the new chin implant will be. Using digital morphing to show you what it would look like is part of this process.

Dr. Jacono performs this procedure under local anesthesia and begins with a tiny hidden incision below the chin. Sometimes he will perform the chin augmentation surgery with an incision inside the mouth.

He uses implants that are customized for male jawlines. Male chins should be broader and square from the front view, and not more narrow and tapered like what is desirable in a woman’s face.

As a result, Dr. Jacono uses different chin implants for men that come in wider dimensions and many shapes and sizes. For patients who want further customization, he can have implants engineered from an X-ray called a CT scan.

In this situation, the implant can be completely customized to the face. The chin augmentation cost becomes higher with this process.  Unlike chin implants, jawline implants augment the jaw angle increasing the width of the jaw, not simply the chin.  Because of the small incision and small amount of surgical time, most male patients can return back to work within 3 to 4 days.

Non-Invasive Chin Augmentation for Men

For those patients who are looking for more chin definition but without the incision, Dr. Jacono can help his patients obtain facial harmony to the chin by using facial fillers such as Voluma, Juvederm, and Restylane.

These fillers produce great results for male patients who want to enhance their facial appearance without surgery. Although these results will only last for roughly 9 months, this will allow his male patients to have multiple options that can be permanent such as a chin implant or temporary using facial fillers.

Incision Under the Chin

chin implant incision under chin

Incision Inside the Mouth

Male Chin Augmentation Cost

When it comes to male chin augmentation, the American Board of Certified Plastic Surgeons provides an estimated cost range. However, it is important to note that this range is based on several considerations.

Factors such as the specific dimensions and contours of your face and neck, as well as any unique aspects related to your case, would need to be assessed during a consultation with a skilled professional like Dr. Jacono. Only after this evaluation can the surgeon determine the appropriate surgical approach and provide you with accurate information regarding the surgeon’s fees.

Male Chin Augmentation Candidates

A good candidate for male chin augmentation is a man who is looking to create facial balance and harmony. They are generally in good health and have realistic expectations of the procedure outcomes. If you would like to find out more about chin augmentation for men or to see if you are a candidate for a chin implant, contact Dr. Andrew Jacono today to schedule your consultation with New York’s leading male facial plastic surgeon.

Chin Implant Before and After (Male)

Male Chin Augmentation Patient 1:

This young man wanted a stronger looking chin. Dr. Jacono performed a chin augmentation at his New York surgical center. The after photos reveal a much more masculine chin.

Before & After
Best Male Chin Augmentation Surgeon
Before & After
Best Male Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation Before and After, Male Patient 2

This man had a weak chin and lack of neck definition. He underwent a customized chin implant and neck liposuction to create an athletic masculine chin and jawline.

Before & After
Male Chin Augmentation Before And After Photos
Before & After
Male Chin Augmentation Photos

Male Chin Augmentation Patient 3:

This male in his thirties desired a square more masculine chin. Dr. Jacono added a customized chin implant placed through a tiny incision. He was back at work in 4 days.

Before & After
Chin Implant Before and After Photos
Before & After
Chin Implant Before and After

Male Chin Implant Patient 4:

This male patient wanted to change the appearance of his nasal hump and nasal tip. He also wanted to have a stronger jawline. Dr. Jacono performed a closed male rhinoplasty procedure combined with a jaw implant to complete his transformation.

Before & After
best male chin implant nyc
Before & After
male chin implant new york

Male Asian Chin Augmentation Patient 5:

A wider broad and larger chin implant was used to enlarge the lower face and jawline in this young Asian male.

Before & After
Asian Chin Implant Photos
Before & After
Asian Chin Implant Patients Photos

Male Chin Augmentation Before and After Patient 6:

This man in his 20s had a chin augmentation surgery and a male rhinoplasty.

Before & After
Male Chin Implant Photos
Before & After
Male Chin Implant Before and After Photos

Male Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation Patient 7:

This man in his twenties wanted a subtle chin augmentation without surgery so Dr. Jacono did Voluma chin injections.

Before & After
Chin Augmentation Patient Photos
Before & After
Chin Augmentation Patient Before and After

Aging Male Chin Augmentation and Neck lift Patient 8:

This gentleman had a weak chin and hanging neck skin.
He had a necklift at the same time as his
chin implant surgery.

Before & After
Male Chin Augmentation Patient Photos

40 Year Old Male Chin Augmentation and Neck Liposuction Patient 9:

As men age the neck will loosen in their forties. Dr. Jacono will perform a neck liposuction contouring the jawline and enhancing the chin implant results.

Before & After
Male Chin Augmentation Pictures

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