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Discover why Newsweek ranks Dr. Andrew Jacono among the best plastic surgeons in New York City! Learn about his innovative techniques, including the Extended Deep-Plane Facelift, which yields natural, long-lasting results. Explore Dr. Jacono’s tailored approach to each procedure, his dedication to patient satisfaction, and his contributions to medical research. Find out why he is considered an expert in facial rejuvenation and trusted by patients and professionals alike. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the renowned Dr. Andrew Jacono!

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Discover the concept of the ‘Instagram Face‘ and its impact on cosmetic procedures. Dr. Jacono, an expert facial rejuvenation specialist in New York, NY, discusses surgical and non-invasive treatments that help achieve symmetrical beauty while maintaining individuality. Explore the hottest cosmetic procedures, including facelifts, rhinoplasty, injectables like Botox and fillers, and innovative options like Kybella. Learn why Dr. Jacono emphasizes the importance of an artist’s eye and holistic approach for precise and balanced results.

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Uncover the revolutionary world of twilight sedation with Dr. Jacono on RealSelf! Discover how this advanced anesthesia technique enhances comfort and recovery during cosmetic procedures. Learn why patients are choosing twilight sedation over general anesthesia, avoiding post-surgery complications such as nausea and grogginess. Explore the benefits of waking up faster, experiencing fewer side effects, and not remembering the procedure.

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Discover the fascinating trend of family plastic surgery discussed by Dr. Andrew Jacono in this insightful article featured in Town and Country. As families spent extensive time together during the pandemic, they noticed new wrinkles and worry lines. In response, an increasing number of relatives are opting to undergo cosmetic procedures together, ranging from facelifts to rhinoplasty. Explore the reasons behind this shift, the dynamics involved, and the positive impact of shared surgical experiences on family bonds. Delve into this captivating read to uncover the unexpected yet empowering journey of multigenerational nip-and-tuckers embracing a celebratory milestone amidst uncertain times.

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In an era of relentless public scrutiny, celebrities face increasing pressure to maintain youthful appearances, leading to a growing demand for plastic surgery transparency. Dr. Jacono explores the dynamics of celebrities’ reliance on cosmetic treatments, from non-invasive procedures like Botox and facial fillers to the transformative power of surgery, including his groundbreaking Extended Deep-Plane Facelift technique. Join us as we delve into the world of celebrity aesthetic enhancements in the age of transparency, and discover how Dr. Jacono’s expertise and innovative approach are shaping the future of plastic surgery.

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Discover the world of jawline fillers with Dr. Jacono and Allure! Uncover the transformative power of non-surgical procedures using dermal fillers, such as hyaluronic acid, to enhance your jawline without invasive surgery. Learn how these temporary injections add tautness, contour, and overall facial harmony. Find out the benefits, limitations, and risks associated with jawline fillers. Explore why sleek jawlines are trending and how slight alterations can make a significant difference.

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Dr. Jacono has been honored with the prestigious title of “Best International Surgeon,” acknowledging his exceptional skills and expertise in his profession. The recognition further solidifies his reputation as a leading figure in the industry. With a focus on facial aesthetics, Dr. Jacono has garnered global recognition for his innovative techniques and commitment to providing patients with natural-looking results. This recognition reaffirms his dedication to delivering outstanding outcomes and positions him as a top choice for those seeking facial surgery on an international scale.

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Dr. Jacono provides insights into trending facial cosmetic procedures, highlighting the increasing demand for minimally invasive treatments. He highlights the rising popularity of nonsurgical techniques such as injectables and fillers, which offer quick and effective results with minimal downtime. Additionally, Dr. Jacono discusses the growing interest in procedures that enhance the contours of the face, such as cheek augmentation and jawline reshaping. He emphasizes the importance of natural-looking results and individualized treatment plans that take into account each patient’s unique facial features.

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Dr. Jacono sheds light on the growing trend of celebrities seeking aesthetic treatments and explores the various procedures favored by famous individuals to achieve their desired looks. He emphasizes the importance of personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique features and goals, and highlights the significance of maintaining a natural appearance. By sharing his expertise and knowledge, he aims to educate individuals on the potential benefits and risks of different beauty treatments, empowering them to make informed cosmetic decisions.

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Step into the realm of modern beauty with Dr. Jacono as he engages in a captivating discussion with Katie Couric about the significance of volume in today’s aesthetic landscape. Join this enlightening conversation, where Dr. Jacono delves into the intricacies of cheek augmentation and reduction, unveiling the secrets behind achieving harmonious facial contours that redefine beauty standards.

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Discover the unparalleled expertise of Dr. Jacono, a renowned master surgeon celebrated for his impeccable surgical skills and captivating artistic sensibility. Tatler magazine showcases his extraordinary journey, unveiling a mesmerizing narrative that spans beyond the confines of the operating room. Delve into the captivating article, where Dr. Jacono’s exceptional achievements and multifaceted life are brought to the forefront, leaving an indelible mark on the realm of aesthetic artistry.

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Embark on a fascinating exploration with Dr. Jacono through the pages of Glam.com as he sheds light on the contrasting realms of Gua Sha treatments and microcurrent devices for achieving non-surgical facial rejuvenation. In a world where a sculpted jawline reigns supreme, the allure of angular chins, cheeks, and jawlines has captivated the likes of celebrities, influencers, and Instagram models alike, often attributing their flawless features to either genetic blessings or expert cosmetic interventions.

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Dr. Jacono was recently featured in The New York Times where they discussed facelift pricing and the $200,000 facelift. Learn more about Dr. Jacono’s designer facelift and why it fetches this price.

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In this article published in NEWBEAUTY, Dr. Jacono discusses his necklift technique and why it goes hand in hand with many of his facelift patients.

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Dr. Jacono discusses the new plastic surgery trend, bragging about it. In this article published by InStyle, Dr. Jacono covers the deep plane facelift technique he used for Marc Jacobs, who then went on to publically discuss his amazing results on social media.

E! News

Celebrity Facelift Surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono, discusses celebrities who have had plastic surgery and shared their stories online through social media.

Allure Magazine February 2022

Allure Discusses Buccal Fat Removal Surgery with Dr. Jacono What is Buccal Fat Reduction and Why is it So Popular?

RobbReport December 2021

The Robb Report Highlights Dr. Jacono’s Extended Deep-Plane Facelift as The Most Advanced Natural Facelift Technique Available Today

RealSelf December 2021

Realself Showcases Dr. Jacono in the Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Moments of 2021

New Beauty December 2021

New Beauty Highlights Top Eyelift Surgery Recovery Tips from Dr. Jacono

Elle December 2021

Elle Highlight: How Surgeons Like Dr. Jacono Are Breaking Down Plastic Surgery Taboos.

Town And Country December 2021

Town and Country discuss how more patients are making their plastic surgery experience public through social media. Making Plastic Surgery Public.

harpers bazaar November 2021

Harper’s Bazaar covers Dr. Andrew Jacono’s Extended Deep Plane Facelift techinique in their November 2021 issue.

harpers bazaar October 2021

Harper’s Bazaar and Dr. Andrew Jacono Talk Snatching Necks with a Neck Lift: Why the neck and jawline are as integral to facial harmony as any other facial feature.

Town & Country May 2021

Dr. Jacono was featured in Town & Country’s May issue discussing his minimal access deep plane facelift technique and how both men and women are opting for this facelift procedure while still in their forties.

Insider May 2021

Dr. Jacono Discusses the Under-Eye Filler Procedure to Insider. Learn why the eyes are among the most vulnerable parts of the face, particularly to aging.

harpers bazaar May 2021

Dr. Jacono was featured in Harper’s Bazaar May issue discussing how to avoid “Filler Fatigue” from overuse of facial fillers.

Allure Magazine February 2021

Dr. Andrew Jacono discusses with Allure Magazine how a surge in facial plastic surgery has been created in part to the pandemic and the “Zoom Effect”.

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Dr. Jacono was featured in an Architectural Digest article that discussed how celebrity cosmetic doctors are enhancing their office decor giving their office a facelift of its own.

Allure Magazine February 2021

Allure Magazine discusses with Dr. Andrew Jacono chin augmentation fillers such as Restylane Defyne which is now FDA approved to treat sagging chins without surgery.

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Dr. Jacono was featured in an article in Hamptons Magazine which discussed why he is one of the most sought after facial plastic surgeon in the world.

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Dr. Jacono was named by Manhattan Magazine, a top facial rejuvenation surgeon who performs the best face lift surgery in New York City.

best doctor new york

Dr. Jacono was named Best Cosmetic Surgeon in New York by New York Magazine. Learn more about why he is considered a Top Doc.

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Dr. Andrew Jacono has been selected by other surgeons and Castle Connolly as a Top Plastic Surgeon in New York

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Dr. Jacono was featured in Town and Country Magazine to discuss cutom cheek implants

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Dr. Jacono was featured in Grazia Magazine to discuss facial rejuvenation procedures including non-surgical and surgical options for his New York patients.

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Dr. Jacono named as Top Face-Lift Surgeon in Manhattan Magazine. Dr. Jacono has a thriving practice on Park Avenue in NYC. He was named best face-lift surgeon based on his advanced face lift techniques and natural results.

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Dr. Jacono appeared on CNN to discuss how to choose a qualified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, as well as safety issues around elective surgery.

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Dr. Jacono’s French Lips procedure is recommended in Departures’ elite Blackbook of the Upper East Side. Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation

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Dr. Jacono shares his expert advice with a step-by-step guide to having sensational skin at any age in this Women’s Health Special Report. Dr. Jacono’s Aging Skin Advice

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Dr. Jacono was featured in USA Today as a leader in his field, to discuss national statistics on plastic surgery. Several of his patients were featured in the story. Facial Plastic Surgery Expert

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Dr. Jacono offers his best beauty advice and expert opinion in an article on plastic surgery and treatments appropriate in each decade of life, from your 30’s through your 60’s.

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Dr. Jacono lends his expertise in facial rejuvenation in this in-depth article on anti-aging techniques, from injectable fillers to facelifts. Details

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Dr. Jacono’s J SPA Medical Day Spa is featured in a round-up of New York’s best expert fixes. Learn more about Dr. Jacono’s Medical Spa

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Dr. Jacono authored an article on how getting involved in philanthropy can positively impact all aspects of your medical spa. Learn more about Dr. Jacono’s Philanthropic views

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Dr. Jacono discusses the popular trend of spending post-surgery recovery with packages at New York City’s most luxurious hotels. Learn more about Healing After Surgery

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In “The Youth Whisperer,” Dr. Jacono shares his favorite age-defying skin savers and the newest techniques available at J SPA Medical Day Spa. Learn More About JSPA

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Dr. Jacono was on ABC’s Good Morning America to discuss the latest trends in plastic surgery, his new book, and how to choose a qualified Facial Plastic Surgeon. Group Surgery: Plastic Surgery for Partners

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Dr. Jacono was featured in Newsweek with several of his patients in a story on the growing trend of couples’ plastic surgery. Celebrity Plastic Surgery Trends

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Dr. Jacono’s innovative reconstructive surgery, creating an ear out of rib cartilage, was featured in Newsday. The procedure was performed pro-bono on a 16 year old orphaned girl from Africa who lost her ear in a tragic accident. Face Skin Cancer Treatments

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Facing Trauma which aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network, followed Dr. Jacono as he helped rebuild the lives of women who were victims to domestic violence. Watch Now

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Dr. Jacono was featured in Harper’s Bazaar “The Best Beauty Surgeons” for his minimally invasive eye surgery and nose jobs. Details

cosmopolitan magazine

Dr Andrew Jacono is featured in the April edition of Cosmopolitan UK Magazine discussing facelift surgeries without scarring. Scar Free Facelift

details magazine

Dr. Jacono was featured in Details magazine in an article that discusses the appearance of a masculine jaw. Masculine Jaw

dr oz the good life magazine

Dr. Jacono was featured in Dr. OZ The Good Life magazine in an article discussing how he uses his personal time to visit the poorest reaches of the globe to perform pro bono, life changing miracle surgeries on those who are less fortunate. Pro-Bono Surgery

esquire magazine

Dr. Jacono was featured in Esquire in an article discussing the use of Kybella for treating turkey neck. Neck Lift without Surgery

marie claire magazine

Dr. Andrew Jacono was featured in October issue of Marie Claire to discuss a growing trend of self-injections for Botox and other facial fillers. Best Botox Injections

ophrah magazine

In a previous issue of The Oprah Magazine, Dr. Andrew Jacono discusses facial features such as the cheeks and how they are affected by aging. Non-Surgical Cheek Lift

womens health magazine

Dr. Jacono was featured in the March issue of Women’s Health Magazine discussing the various uses of Botox. Botox Cosmetic

gotham magazine

Dr. Andrew Jacono was featured in Gotham Magazine in an article discussing how he is using the latest techniques in reconstructive surgery to help victims around the world suffering from domestic abuse, war, and birth defects. Reconstructive Surgery Explained

best doctor new york

Dr Jacono has been selected as one of the Best Plastic Surgeon in NYC and New York specializing in facial plastic surgery and facial cosmetic surgery by New York Magazine Best Doctors Issue.


Goop Talks Lip Lifts with Dr. Jacono “Many of my prospective lip augmentation patients are afraid of getting treatment because they see so many exaggerated outcomes,” says Dr. Jacono.

Modern Luxury

Dr. Jacono Talks Facelifts, Social Media, and Catfishing with Modern Luxury

Dr. Jacono Press Releases

Celebrity Neck Lifts:

Celebrities driving 20 percent increase in demand for neck lifts, says top New York City facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono

Celebrity Nose Jobs:

Though style has changed, demand remains the same, with rhinoplasty topping the list of most requested surgical procedures for third consecutive year

Eye Lift Surgery:

New Eye Lift Plastic Surgery Technique Presented at National Meeting Of Oculoplastic Surgeons

Facelift Results:

New Study Reveals Ideal Angle for Achieving Optimal Facelift Results

Jaw Implants Augmentation:

Dr. Andrew Jacono Reviews New Jaw Augmentation Trend for Men

Medical Tourism Plastic Surgery:

Medical Tourism To New York City is on the Rise, Says Dr. Andrew Jacono, Top Facial Plastic Surgeon

Mini Face Lift Surgery:

Top New York City Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Andrew Jacono Reveals Why Minimally Invasive Facelifting Techniques Are Becoming Mainstream

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