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Dr. Jacono Gives Advice on Skin Care in the New York Post

Dr. Jacono offers tips for your aging skin so you can look your best.

How Does the Skin Age?

Dr. Jacono discusses aging skin in the New York Post

It may seem nearly impossible to get perfect skin. Most people believe that a glowing, healthy complexion is the result of hard-to-maintain skincare regimens or plenty of cosmetic surgery. The reality, though, is much simpler.

Dr. Jacono, one of the best facial plastic surgeons in the country, if not the world, has some easy-to-follow advice. But first, he offers a few lessons about how the face ages over the years.

“The first thing to realize about the skin is that it falls victim to gravity like anything else,” says Dr. Jacono. “With time, it loses its natural laxity. It also loses its ability to produce enough collagen. The result is that the skin feels dry, looks dull, and sags. This can be emotionally distressing.”

For those who experience advanced aging, Dr. Jacono believes that the best solution is surgery. This is because facial architecture cannot adequately support itself without serious intervention. Facelifts, neck lifts, and eyelid lifts are wonderful treatments and can make someone who is 60 look 40.

However, if you haven’t yet dealt with the brutalities of middle age, there are plenty of easy, minimally invasive ways to treat your skin. It all begins with a reliable daily skincare routine.

Sensational Skin? Sensationally Simple

As complicated as it may sound to take care of your skin, it’s actually shockingly easy. There are only a few steps to take into consideration for a strong, comprehensive regimen.

  1. Don’t forget to shield your skin every day!

    Believe it or not, most blemishes are a result of excessive sun exposure. Wrinkles, brown spots, and other deep folds can not only appear but worsen if the skin is not properly protected.

    The best way to prevent the sun from damaging your body is to regularly apply sunblock. The season doesn’t matter; it’s just as important to use sunscreen in the winter as it is in the summer.

    “Most people think that the sun is weaker during the colder months, but this isn’t the case,” says Dr. Jacono. “The sun always beams down UV rays. So, if you don’t use sunscreen in the winter, you’re risking damage.”

    It’s best to apply sunscreen of at least 25 SPF every morning and reapply every few hours. You should also look for products that contain micronized zinc and titanium dioxide. These compounds will keep your skin healthy and happy!

  2. Boost cell turnover!

    Cell turnover is the shedding of dead skin cells and their replacement with stronger, younger ones. This process firms the skin and prevents fine lines and wrinkles from appearing until our later years.

    To improve the body’s rate of cell turnover, it’s best to apply a vitamin A-enriched skincare product. Retinoids are also an extremely potent ingredient that boosts cell turnover and gives the skin a beautiful glow. For this reason, Dr. Jacono recommends buying products that contain retinol or retinaldehyde.

    “Cell turnover is an integral process in the body,” says Dr. Jacono. “Without it, our skin would not heal properly. Thankfully, we’ve found ways to stimulate this process with different products.”

  3. Step up your exfoliation!

    Once a week, skip the second step and use an at-home microdermabrasion kit. It improves the skin’s color, texture, and complexion. They are not hard to find—you can get one in the skincare aisle of just about any drugstore.

    “Exfoliation clears away dead skin cells and paves the way for new ones to grow,” says Dr. Jacono. “It is an incredibly important step in any good skincare routine.”

  4. Don’t neglect overnight repair!

    To take things a step further, you can include an anti-aging cream to repair skin that has wrinkled, sagged, and dried with age. The best creams are ones that include antioxidants like idebenone. Antioxidants even skin tone, boost firmness and reduce wrinkles. They also brighten the skin.

    “Nightly cream usage is directly linked with healthy skin,” says Dr. Jacono. “It’s simple to do, and it has some incredible benefits. Most of my patients who end up looking great never forget to use antioxidant-rich cream.”

Still Not Enough? Try Cosmetic Treatments

Dr. Jacono recommends following the above steps for 3 to 6 months. If, after that time, you aren’t satisfied, there are a few in-office treatments that you can try. All should be completed by a board-certified doctor.


Botox is one of the tried-and-true injectables on the market. It smooths fine lines by relaxing facial muscles. Overlying skin cannot wrinkle for 4 to 6 months after treatment. Usually, it is injected into the forehead or around the eyes.

“Botox is one of my favorite tools for patients who don’t want to undergo surgery,” says Dr. Jacono. “It provides dramatic results without the need for invasive intervention. There’s a reason it has been around for so long. It’s one of the best options out there.”

Juvéderm or Restylane

These hyaluronic acid fillers fill in bumps and deeper lines. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring compound that draws water to injected areas. These fillers are especially effective when injected between the nose and mouth.

“Hyaluronic acid fillers are an exceptional alternative to Botox,” says Dr. Jacono. “They add volume instead of freezing wrinkles. They can also get rid of even deeper wrinkles and lines without the need for surgery.”

Fractional Laser Resurfacing

These lasers polish and brighten the skin. Redness and enlarged capillaries can be easily treated with these machines. It only takes 3 to 6 quick, easy sessions.

“Laser resurfacing is an excellent choice for people who don’t want surgery,” says Dr. Jacono. “They also have the added benefit of being comfortable for people who are afraid of needles. They do take a few sessions to work, but once they do, patients come out looking several years younger.”

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