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Male Neck Lift: Neck Rejuvenation for Men

Information About Male Neck Lifting in New York City with Dr. Andrew Jacono

Should Men Get a Neck Lift?

Millions of aging men suffer from jowls, droopy skin, and fatty deposits in the neck. Thankfully, these problems are fixable through surgery, called a neck lift for men. This procedure can dramatically tighten the face’s lower third.

Male Neck Lift Patient Video: Learn more about Dr. Jacono’s approach to neck lift rejuvenation for men.

Dr. Jacono routinely performs men’s neck lift surgery on men of all ages. He has also pioneered less invasive techniques that use smaller incisions and minimize postoperative scarring. Thanks to these less invasive techniques, recovery time is also shorter, and men can return to work within a few days.

Dr. Jacono’s Neck Lift Approaches

Depending on the case, Dr. Jacono employs 3 different neck lift approaches. The simplest of these uses liposuction to remove fatty deposits beneath the chin which in turn tightens the neck skin. Liposuction is best suited for men in their 40s and early 50s who have only a small amount of excess skin.

For men in their 50s and 60s with more severe neck laxity, Dr. Jacono performs a direct neck lift and platysmaplasty. During this procedure, Dr. Jacono makes an incision under the neck before cutting away extra skin and then tightens the loose vertical muscle bands in the neck. With this approach, recovery time is short, and most men can return to work within 4 to 5 days.

For patients who want to further hide their male neck lift scars, Dr. Jacono performs a traditional male neck lift with incisions behind the ears. Dr. Jacono uses an endoscope to limit the length of incision lines. The endoscope also allows him to tighten neck muscles quickly and efficiently.

Where Are Neck Lift Scars?

Dr. Jacono’s neck lift techniques use small incisions hidden in the face’s natural folds and creases around the face and neck area. This makes scars virtually invisible. He also does not excessively tighten skin, and this lack of tension allows scars to heal better.

Male Neck Lift Cost

Although all surgeries will be different depending on the circumstances and needs of the patient, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates the range will vary depending on the surgeon’s skills, location, and other factors.

Male Neck Lift Candidates

The ideal male neck lift patient is in good physical shape, is psychologically sound, and has any of the following symptoms:

  • Loose or baggy neck skin
  • Lack of neck definition
  • Visible or loose neck muscle bands
  • Excess fat in the neck
  • Jowls or excess fat under the jaw

Male neck surgery can be one of the most life-changing cosmetic procedures in modern cosmetic medicine. The removal of excess neck fat and skin can dramatically rejuvenate a man’s appearance. This treatment is also one of the safest in plastic surgery and has some of the most reliable results.

Dr. Jacono’s minimal-access approach to neck rejuvenation differentiates him from most other facial plastic surgeons.

To see if you may be a candidate for a male neck lift surgery for a male neck lift in NYC, contact Dr. Jacono today at his New York City or Long Island offices.

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Male Neck Lift Before and After Photos

Male Neck Lift Patient 1:

At only 2 months after his male facelift and neck lift with Dr. Andrew Jacono, this 57-year-old man appears rejuvenated and significantly younger, by at least 15 years! He had concerns about appearing overly tightened and having noticeable scars around his ears due to his short hair. However, as evident in the photo, his incisions are not visible, and he looks completely natural.

Before & After

Best Male Neck Lift NYC

Before & After

Best Male Neck Lift NY

Male Neck Lift Patient 2:

This gentleman looks absolutely amazing just two weeks after his male facelift performed by Dr. Jacono. While he preferred to keep his eyes covered in the pictures he shared, it’s clear that he was dealing with heavy jowls and a noticeable turkey neck. Despite feeling great on the inside, he was tired of looking tired and wanted to achieve a more refreshed appearance without appearing as though he had undergone plastic surgery.

With Dr. Jacono’s extended deep plane facelift approach for men, the lift comes from the deep structure of the face, ensuring that the skin never appears tight or feminized. The patient had deep nasolabial folds and visible platysmal bands, which were addressed through a combination of a necklift and platysmaplasty. After just two weeks, he already looks like a better, younger version of himself.

Before & After

Best Male Neck Lift

Before & After

Best Male Necklift

Male Neck Lift Patient 3:

This 61-year-old gentleman underwent male facial plastic surgery performed by Dr. Andrew Jacono, and just 4 weeks later, he looks remarkably younger! He had deep nasolabial folds, jowls, and a turkey neck with pronounced platysmal bands. He also had excess upper eyelid skin and lower eye bags.

To address these concerns, Dr. Jacono performed a deep plane facelift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, neck lift, and platysmaplasty. The surgery resulted in a crisp and defined jawline with no signs of turkey neck.

In addition, Dr. Jacono used buccal fat removal to reduce heavy jowls and performed fat grafting to the sunken areas of his cheeks and temples. During the lower blepharoplasty, he also transposed the fat pockets into the hollows under the eyes.

The patient’s primary concern was to look natural, and the results show a better version of himself, appearing as though he is 20 years younger!

Before & After

Best Male Neck Rejuvenation

Male Platysmaplasty Neck Lift Patient 4:

This patient wanted to tighten his loose neck skin and redefine his weak jawline. Dr. Jacono performed a platysmaplasty to treat his jowls, remove excess skin, and create a more masculine jawline contour.

Before & After

male necklift before and after photo

Male Neck Liposuction Neck Lift Patient 5:

This man had a quick recovery mini-incision neck lift combined with liposuction to redefine his jawline. In younger men like this patient, the skin will lift and tighten after liposuction.

Before & After

Neck Lift for Men Photos

Neck Lift for Men with Platysmaplasty Patients:

Dr. Jacono tightened these men’s neck muscles through under-chin incisions and also removed their excess skin. The incisions healed well and blended into the patients’ bearded skin.

Patient 6: Before & After
Neck Lift for Men
Patient 7: Before & After
Male Neck Lift Patient Photos

Male Neck Lift with Hidden Incisions Behind the Ears Patients:

Dr. Jacono placed incisions behind these patients’ ears. He also redefined their jawlines and lifted their necks with hidden incisions behind the ears.

Patient 8: Before & After
Male Neck Rejuvenation Before and After
Patient 9: Before & After
Male Neck Rejuvenation

Male Turkey Neck Lift Patient 10:

This man was unhappy with his visible loose vertical neck bands and decided to undergo surgery to correct them. Dr. Jacono tightened his platysma muscles and repositioned them to create a natural-looking jawline.

Before & After
Male Neck Lift Photos

Male Neck Lift Patient 11:

This man wanted to tighten his hanging neck skin and eliminate his visible nasolabial folds. Dr. Jacono performed a lower facelift to address these concerns. He also performed a neck lift to give the patient a more masculine jawline.

Before & After
best male necklift results
Before & After
top surgeon for male necklift

Male Neck Lift Patient 12:

This patient sent Dr. Jacono a selfie just 2 weeks after his male facial plastic surgery. He was concerned about his ungraceful aging but wanted any surgical results to look natural.

Dr. Andrew Jacono performed a male facelift, as well as a neck lift and platysmaplasty. The patient thinks his results look incredible and is thankful for Dr. Jacono’s expertise.

Before & After
best male necklift nyc
Before & After
best male necklift before after

Male Neck Lift Patient 13:

This patient wanted to tighten his sagging neck skin, which was caused by significant weight loss. Dr. Jacono performed a neck lift and lower facelift to raise his cheeks, define his jawline, and remove excess skin.

Before & After
best male necklift surgeon
Before & After
best male neck lift

Male Neck Lift Patient 14:

This male neck lift patient wanted to tighten his sagging neck and cheeks and wanted it to be a natural-looking appearance. Dr. Jacono performed a facelift and neck lift procedure to refine the jawline and reduce the appearance of saggy skin under the chin and neck. He also lifted the heavy neck muscles to complete the facial rejuvenation while maintaining natural and masculine results.

Before & After
male necklift patient
Before & After
male neck lift patient photos

Male Neck Lift Patient 15:

This middle-aged male patient was unhappy with the excess, loose skin hanging underneath his chin. He wanted a tighter neck region with a well-defined jawline. Dr. Jacono performed a neck lift procedure to address his concerns. The after photos show a much-improved neckline with a natural-looking masculine jaw.

Before & After
male necklift patient photos

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