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Hispanic Rhinoplasty in New York

Information About Hispanic Rhinoplasty Surgery with Dr. Andrew Jacono in New York, NY

New York Hispanic Rhinoplasty – See what this Latino rhinoplasty patient has to say about his experience with Dr. Andrew Jacono.

What Is Hispanic Rhinoplasty?

Considering there are more than 55 million Latinos in the United States, it comes as no surprise that there is a growing demand for Hispanic rhinoplasty. In fact, the Hispanic nose job is one of the fastest-growing cosmetic surgery subsets.

The Latino community has a very diverse range of facial features. Because of this, Hispanic rhinoplasty requires a highly trained surgeon who can address these variations. At the same time, the best surgeons aim to maintain the patient’s Latino identity, not erase it.

The Hispanic Nose

Although each patient will have unique features, Hispanic patients share some commonalities, especially in the nose. These include thicker nasal skin and a rounder, more bulbous tip. Other common characteristics include:

  • Flatter nasal tip and bridge
  • Droopier nasal tip
  • Wider nostrils
  • Dorsal hump

These issues, while common, are easily addressed with surgery.

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Hispanic Rhinoplasty Surgery: The Procedure

Dr. Jacono begins every consultation with a digital morphing session. He modifies pre-operative photos with the patient to ensure that he only makes desired changes.

Dr. Jacono commonly performs rhinoplasty through a closed approach. This procedure produces no external scars and has a quicker recovery time. He does not break nasal bones or use nasal packing. This expedites healing and makes recovery itself more comfortable. He performs both male and female Hispanic rhinoplasty and tailors his procedures to desired masculinity and femininity.

Often, Dr. Jacono lifts the nasal tip, as many Hispanic rhinoplasty patients have a droopier tip. He does this by elevating and reshaping the tip cartilages. This ensures that the tip will not collapse or appear pinched. To reduce nostril size, he makes a small incision inside the nose and narrows the nasal base. Sometimes, if the tip is too flat, he will perform nasal tip grafting with cartilage harvested from the nasal septum.

If the patient’s nasal bridge and hump are prominent, Dr. Jacono reduces them by using telescopic visualization and fine micro-instruments. The nasal bones can also be thinned with this technique.

Hispanic Rhinoplasty Recovery

As with any other surgery, rhinoplasty recovery time varies based on a number of factors. These include the patient age and health, the complexity of the surgery, and whether or not the patient is a smoker. For the most part, patients should expect to take at least a week off of work and limit their physical activity. Most people are able to return to work by the second week after surgery. All patients are encouraged to limit their exposure to the sun and perform only light exercises.

Choosing a Hispanic Nose Job Surgeon

The first step in finding the best rhinoplasty surgeon in New York is to look at the physician’s qualifications and certifications. Since rhinoplasty is a complicated surgical procedure, you will want to make sure that the doctor is specialized. Visit their before and after photos to review their typical results. The nose is one of the face’s primary facial features, and people will always notice it first. This is why it is integral to choose the right practitioner.

With more than 20 years of experience in rhinoplasty, Dr. Jacono is considered the best rhinoplasty surgeon in New York. Patients travel from around the world to receive personalized surgical plans that deliver the most comprehensive results. He often treats patients who visit from Spain, Mexico, and South America who have concerns typical of Hispanic patients.

Dr. Andrew Jacono: Best Hispanic Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Dr. Jacono is a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon who understands the complexities of rhinoplasty surgery. He develops a unique approach for each and every patient. His meticulous planning begins with a consultation, during which he outlines the patient’s concerns and wishes.

Dr. Jacono’s Hispanic patients are often concerned that they will lose their ethnic identity with surgery. During the consultation, Dr. Jacono helps patients grapple with these worries and discusses a uniquely tailored approach that never sacrifices identity.

Learn More About Hispanic Rhinoplasty in New York

Hispanic men and women concerned with the appearance of their noses are good candidates for rhinoplasty. Patients should be at least 15 to 16 years of age, be in good physical health, and refrain from smoking. To find out if you are a candidate, please call Dr. Jacono’s office and schedule a consultation.

Alternatively, you can fill out a contact form, and one of our patient care coordinators will reach out to you to schedule an appointment.

Hispanic Nose Job Before and After Photos

Hispanic Rhinoplasty Before and After Patient 1:

This Latino male patient was concerned with his long and droopy nasal tip. The after results show the tip refinement work that Dr. Jacono performed and this patient was extremely happy with his results.

Before & After
hispanic rhinoplasty before and after patient photos
Before & After
hispanic rhinoplasty before and after photos

Hispanic Rhinoplasty Before and After Patient 2:

This young Hispanic woman was unhappy with her droopy and wide nasal tip as well as her dorsal hump. Dr. Jacono performed a closed rhinoplasty to correct both issues and leave no visible scarring since the incisions were made internally.

Before & After
Best Closed Rhinoplasty Surgeon New York and After
Before & After
Before and After Closed Rhinoplasty Photos

Hispanic Rhinoplasty Before and After Patient 3:

This Hispanic female patient wanted to correct her wide and flarred nostrils as well as to refine her nasal tip. Her after photos show a more femine and refined nasal tip as well as a smaller nostril size.

Before & After
hispanic rhinoplasty before and afters
Before & After
hispanic rhinoplasty before and afters new york

Hispanic Rhinoplasty Before and After Patient 4:

This Hispanic male patient was suffering from a collapsed nasal bridge and droopy tip. This patient’s after photos show a proper dorsal bridge structure and a refined nasal tip.

Before & After
male hispanic rhinoplasty before and afters
Before & After
male hispanic rhinoplasty before and after photos

Hispanic Rhinoplasty Before and After Patient 5:

This Hispanic female patient was unhappy with her nasal hump and her large, flarring nostrils. Dr. Jacono performed a rhinoplasty procedure to correct the slope of her nose as well as to adjust the tip and nostrils to review a cute feminine nose.

Before & After
hispanic nose job nyc
Before & After
hispanic nose job new york

More Hispanic Rhinoplasty Photos

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