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Asian Rhinoplasty Specialist in NYC

Information About New York’s Asian Rhinoplasty Specialist, Dr. Andrew Jacono.

What Is Asian Rhinoplasty?

asian rhinoplasty before and after photos nyc

Best Asian Rhinoplasty: This female patient suffered from a weak nasal bridge and an under projected tip. The after photo shows a higher dorsal profile and a more projected and redefined nasal tip.

Thousands of men and women consult plastic surgeons every year to improve their noses. The majority of these procedures are performed for cosmetic purposes, though some undergo surgery to fix functional problems.

A considerable portion of cosmetic surgery patients are of Asian descent. Unlike standard rhinoplasty, which targets Caucasian noses, Asian rhinoplasty is a form of ethnic rhinoplasty that focuses on preserving ethnic identity while addressing key issues patients raise.

Dr. Jacono understands the Asian nose and has a specialized approach that treats each patient uniquely. This begins with careful preparation and surgical planning for specific, ethnicity-based features.

Common Features of the Asian Nose

On average, Asian noses have a lower nasal bridge, a broader, flatter nasal tip, and a wider frontal view.

Beyond these unique ethnic characteristics are gender differences; men and women have different standards for nasal appearance. Women generally desire a softer, slightly upturned nasal tip. Men, on the other hand, prefer a straighter, more projected nasal tip.

Dr. Jacono understands these unique characteristics and keeps them in mind during each patient’s surgery. He also understands that his Asian patients want to keep their ethnicity intact. To deliver ideal results, he uses digital morphing technology to match patients’ expectations. 

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What Are the Benefits of an Asian Rhinoplasty Procedure?

There are many benefits of Asian rhinoplasty. Patients who undergo nose surgery are often happier with their appearance, which creates a stronger sense of self-esteem. Rhinoplasty also fixes functional issues, like impaired breathing.

Asian rhinoplasty focuses on a number of anatomical structures, including:

The Nasal Tip

Many of Dr. Jacono’s Asian patients seek tip refinement. This is because their nasal tip is broader and more rounded. The nasal tip cartilages also tend to be weaker and the tip skin thicker. Dr. Jacono must often perform cartilage grafting to refine and support the tip area. He uses cartilage from within the nose.

Nasal Base Width

Some of Dr. Jacono’s Asian patients want to reduce the distance between their nostrils. Dr. Jacono pays careful attention to this width and determines if the distance must be narrowed or not.

Dr. Jacono usually addresses these concerns by narrowing the nasal base. He cuts small incisions around the nostrils and removes trace amounts of tissue. This allows him to narrow the base while preserving the patients’ natural Asian identity.

The Nasal Bridge

Often, Dr. Jacono’s Asian patients are unhappy with their low nasal bridge. This issue is most apparent in the side profile.

For this reason, many of Dr. Jacono’s patients ask to have their bridges elevated. This not only makes the nose more aesthetically pleasing but can also help eyeglasses fit better on the nose. If a patient’s nasal bridge lacks height, standard eyeglasses may slope downward rather than stay put.

Dr. Jacono prefers to use the body’s own cartilage to elevate the bridge. If a patient requests, Dr. Jacono can use Medpor, Goretex, or other synthetic implants. For patients who do not want surgery, Dr. Jacono performs a liquid rhinoplasty using hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane.

Frequently Asked Questions About Asian Rhinoplasty

Below are some of the most common questions asked about Asian nose job procedures.

Do People of Asian Descent Have Cartilage in Their Noses?

Like all people, Asians have cartilage in their noses. This cartilage provides structure to the nasal bridge and tip.

Compared to people of Caucasian descent, Asians tend to have a smaller amount of nasal cartilage. The cartilage is less firm. People of Asian descent also have thicker, less pliable skin. These factors should change how surgeons approach rhinoplasty for Asian patients.

When Is It Necessary to Use Rib Grafts?

Rib grafts are used if the nose significantly lacks structure. Usually, Dr. Jacono harvests cartilage from the nasal septum, but if that area is missing, damaged, or unviable, he harvests cartilage from the ribs.

Rib grafts are strong, simple to use, and can be easily shaped.

What Are the Common Risks Associated with Asian Rhinoplasty?

As with any surgery, Asian rhinoplasty has some risks. These include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Negative reactions to anesthesia or other medications

Although severe side effects are extremely rare, complications can include:

  • Difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Permanent numbness in and around the nose
  • Pain, discoloration, or persistent swelling
  • Scarring

How Long Until I See the Final Results After My Procedure?

After the procedure, the nose may swell and bruise due to surgical trauma.

After about six weeks, the majority of the swelling will subside, and the nose will look much closer to its final form. Bruising will also have been resolved by this point.

Over the course of a few months, the nose will settle even further as swelling continues to subside. It may take up to a year for the nose to take its final shape.

The Ideal Asian Rhinoplasty Candidate

The ideal candidate is a healthy Asian man or Asian woman looking to correct certain aspects of their nose. It is preferred that patients be non-smokers and at least 15 years of age.

If you believe you are a candidate for rhinoplasty with Dr. Jacono, contact his New York City or Long Island, NY offices. Our patient care coordinators will be happy to schedule your consultation.

The Best Asian Rhinoplasty Surgeon: Dr. Andrew Jacono

Asian rhinoplasty surgery is a highly specialized facial cosmetic procedure. Patients of Asian descent require a physician who truly understands their ethnic characteristics.

Dr. Jacono is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who is widely considered to be one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the world. He trains other surgeons on his advanced techniques. His expertise allows him to create the best results without compromising ethnicity.

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Asian Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos

Asian Rhinoplasty Before and After Patient 2:

This patient was unhappy with her under-projected nasal tip and wide nostrils. Her after photograph shows a redefined nasal tip and narrower nostrils.

Before & After
asian rhinoplasty before and after photos new york

Asian Rhinoplasty Before and After Patient 3:

This patient was concerned with her nasal tip’s width. She did not want to modify her nasal bridge or nostrils. She underwent a rhinoplasty to narrow her tip.

Before & After
asian rhinoplasty before and after photos

Asian Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Before and After Patient 4:

This patient underwent a non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure. It redefined her nasal bridge and tip.

Before & After
asian non surgical rhinoplasty before and after photos nyc

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