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Lip Augmentation: Options to Plump Up Your Lips

Info About Lip Augmentation Procedures in NYC with Dr. Andrew Jacono.

Lip Augmentation Illustration
The lips age with the rest of our face

What Is a Lip Augmentation?

As we get older, the mouth ages with the rest of the face causing the lips to become thin. Vertical “lipstick bleed lines” develop, and the upper lip hangs over the teeth. In some cases, patients are born with thin or asymmetrical lips.

Thankfully, those who desire better lip volume and greater facial balance can opt for a lip augmentation procedure. There are two kinds of lip augmentation: surgical and non-surgical.

For patients who want dramatic, long-lasting results, Dr. Jacono recommends surgical lip augmentation. Dr. Jacono’s surgical augmentations are completed through small incisions which are made in the corner of the mouth and inside of the lips. By placing the incisions inside the mouth, scars are invisible to the naked eye.

Dr. Jacono uses injectable solutions on patients who do not want surgery or do not have time to recover. Restylane and Juvéderm, two hyaluronic acid fillers, can significantly restore lip volume. Fillers, however, are temporary, lasting only between 3 and 6 months.

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What Is the Difference Between Lip Augmentation and Lip Fillers?

Any patient can increase the volume of their lips surgically or non-surgically. One approach, however, might be better suited to certain needs over another.

Surgical lip augmentation procedures provide significant, permanent results. These techniques manipulate the skin and underlying muscle tissue in a relatively short timeframe. However, these can have higher risks and longer recovery times, and they cost more on average.

Lip fillers, on the other hand, provide instantaneous results and are considered a non-surgical lip augmentation. They also have low risks and very short recovery times and are relatively inexpensive compared to surgical options. However, they do not last as long as surgical lip procedures and need repeat treatments for basic maintenance.

What Types of Augmentation Does Dr. Jacono Offer?

Dr. Jacono specializes in a few types of surgical techniques, including:

  • V to Y lip advancement
  • Lip lift
  • French Lips™
  • Fat transfer injection
  • Alloderm and dermal implant

The V to Y lip advancement offers the most comprehensive results and gives patients lips that are similar to those of Angelina Jolie. While few surgeons are trained in this advanced technique, Dr. Jacono has published articles about lip augmentations in numerous medical literature. He is a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon and has also extensively lectured on the subject.

Patients with thin, drooping lips benefit most from a lip lift and fat transfer. During a lip lift, an incision is made beneath the nose within the crease. Precise amounts of skin, muscle, and tissue are then rearranged and tightened.

Many patients request French Lips™. Here he uses Restylane or Juvederm lip injections to sculpt the lips so the central portion of the upper lip is pouty and the inside of the lip is rolled out, a stylistic touch seen with many models. Doctor Jacono pioneered this technique and published his hallmark article on customizing lip injections in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery.

Fat grafts can be suctioned from the abdomen before being reimplanted in the lips. They can also be removed during a facelift in a maneuver called a SMAS graft. The SMAS is the fibrofatty tissue that lies beneath the skin. Some patients opt for lip implants, which, when surgically inserted, increase the size and plumpness of the lips.

Prior to surgery, all patients receive a complete physical examination. Dr. Jacono then prescribes them vitamin supplementation and homeopathic therapies to enhance healing after surgery. Research has shown that surgical results improve when these regimens are part of treatment.

How Long Do Results Last?

The average lip filler will last anywhere between 3 and 6 months before reinjection is required. Fat grafting, on the other hand, lasts at least 5 years. Lip lifts last permanently, as do lip implants, though implants can be removed at any time if the patient so desires.

Before and After Photos

Lip Augmentation – Patient 1:

This patient underwent a non-surgical Restylane Augmentation with lip injections because they wanted a “pouty” lip. Doctor Jacono calls this technique French Lips™.

Lip Augmentation - Patient 1 - Before
Lip Augmentation - Patient 1 - After

Lip Augmentation – Patient 2:

This patient with thin lips underwent a dermal fat graft to add volume to her upper and lower lips.

Lip Augmentation - Patient 2 - Before
Lip Augmentation - Patient 2 - After

Lip Augmentation – Patient 3:

This patient underwent a V to Y Augmentation which creates a pouty fuller lip. All incisions are inside the lip so are not visible.

Lip Augmentation - Patient 3 - Before
Lip Augmentation - Patient 3 - After

Lip Augmentation – Patient 4:

This patient with thin lips underwent a dermal fat graft to add volume to her upper and lower lips. This dermal fat graft was obtained from the SMAS in the face during a mini facelift so no additional harvesting procedure for fat was required.

Lip Augmentation - Patient 4 - Before
Lip Augmentation - Patient 4 - After

Lip Augmentation – Patient 5:

Lip Augmentation with upper lip lift and dermal fat graft to the upper and lower lips.

Lip Augmentation - Patient 5

Lip Augmentation – Patient 6:

This patient underwent a laser resurfacing around the mouth for lip line (“lipstick bleed lines”) as well as a lip augmentation with autologous (from the patient) dermal fat transfer.

Lip Augmentation - Patient 6 - Before
Lip Augmentation - Patient 6 - After

Lip Augmentation – Patients 7 & 8:

Dr. Jacono performed his French Lips™ technique on these patients to create “pouty” lips through a non-surgical treatment featuring Restylane injections.

Lip Augmentation - Patient 7
Lip Augmentation - Patient 8

Lip Reduction Patient 8:

This patient was dissatisfied with the size of her lips that dominated her facial appearance. Some patients request Lip Reduction surgery which is performed through hidden incisions placed on the inside of the mouth.

Lip Augmentation - Patient 9

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