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Brow Lift Revisions

Info About Reversing Browlifts in New York

If a plastic surgeon too aggressively elevates the brow and forehead during a browlift surgery, the result can look artificial, and in some cases make the patient appear startled. Overzealously performed endoscopic browlifts can also elevate the hairline to positions much higher than those seen in youth. This not only makes the patient look different but older than they truly are.

The best way to avoid these issues is to make sure that you and your surgeon have adequately discussed your goals for the procedure prior to surgery.

How Do Overdone Browlifts Happen?

Revision Browlift Hairline Example

A good brow lift lifts the forehead’s fat, skin, and muscle tissue to a more desirable position. A poor browlift, on the other hand, elevates these anatomical structures too much, which can leave the patient looking surprised, startled, or even frightened.  

The browlift is a notoriously difficult surgery to perform, and there are only a select few plastic surgeons who have been adequately trained to specialize in the procedure.

Some common problems that a brow lift can cause include:

  • Over-elevation of the brows
  • Over-separation of the brows
  • Slanted or lopsided brow shape

What are the signs of a bad brow lift?

As is the case with any cosmetic surgery, the results of a browlift, as well as the patient’s pre-and post-surgical experiences, will only be as good as the surgeon and his or her staff. There are, of course, times when a client will be dissatisfied with their results.

Here are a few telltale signs of a bad browlift:

  • The forehead and brow have visible scarring.
  • Eyebrow position is asymmetric (this is the most common complaint among dissatisfied patients).
  • The skin experiences numbness that persists well after recovery.
  • The hairline is too high.
  • There is hair loss at the incision sites.

If you have undergone a brow lift and are unsatisfied with the way it looks, a surgeon can reverse the outcome either by lowering the brow and forehead to a more natural position or by restoring the brow and forehead to their original position.

Dr. Jacono has performed countless revision browlift surgeries on patients who underwent their first surgery elsewhere.  The procedure is often termed a “browlift reversal”.

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How is a Revision Browlift Performed?

During a revision browlift surgery, Dr. Jacono develops the anterior and posterior scalp flaps in a subperiosteal plane. He stabilizes the lowered medial brow to the frontal bone by securing the forehead and brow skin with bioabsorbable sutures. The repositioned hairline is then secured in a similar manner. Finally, the resulting scalp defect is closed by advancing the posterior scalp flap.


The reverse browlift is an incredibly specialized procedure that requires an extensive background in reconstructive scalp and forehead surgery. Typically, an incision is made along the front of the hairline. The hair-bearing portion of the scalp is then brought forward, allowing the eyebrows to shift downward. This also allows an elevated hairline to lower into a more desirable, attractive position. Scarring and healing time after surgery are minimal.

Brow repositioning

To reshape and reposition the brow, Dr. Jacono advances and fixes the frontal scalp to the skull. He then repositions the brow relative to the medial canthus using bioabsorbable sutures for anchoring.

Best Brow Lift Revision Specialist

If you would like to undergo a revision browlift, you should choose a surgeon who specializes in both revision and reconstructive plastic surgery. Dr. Andrew Jacono, M.D., F.A.C.S., is a global authority in the field of facial plastics and specializes in revision facial surgery, and has performed hundreds of browlift revision surgeries. He is board-certified in head and neck surgery, as well as in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery

To learn more about Dr. Jacono and the revision browlift procedure, please contact his New York City office at (212) 570-2500, or his Long Island location at (516) 773-4646.

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