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Male Jaw Implant: Surgery, Recovery, and Photos

Information About Jaw Implant and Chin Augmentation Procedures in New York, NY

Male Jaw Implants Custom made male jaw implants by Dr. Andrew Jacono for mandibular augmentation procedures.

What Is Jaw Implant Surgery?

Jaw implants, or gonial angle implants, correct small or aesthetically imbalanced mandibles. Men who want stronger jawlines, or have a narrow jaw width, are candidates for surgery. This procedure can make the male face appear more masculine. Women with weaker jawlines can also have this procedure, but the jawline should be softer for a more feminine look.

Generally, these are placed through incisions hidden within the mouth. These incisions are placed further back along the jawline, at the crease where the inside of the lips and the gums meet.

They are most commonly made from a material called Medpor®, which the body grows into. It is a much more stable compound than silicone. The mandible jaw implants are shaped to match the jawline and adhere tightly along the contour. The mandibular implant is ultimately held in place with two or three titanium screws.

This procedure is then repeated on the opposite side of the jawline. Lastly, incisions are closed in layers so that there is a watertight seal. This keeps oral fluids out of the wound. In total, the insertion takes one to two hours.

What is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation surgery, in a similar vein, is performed through a small incision inside the lower lip. The incision is cut between the lower lip and the gums, or in the natural crease just beneath the chin. Overlying tissues are lifted from the chin bone, creating a space for the implant. Fine sutures are used to close the incisions, and the scar is imperceptible.

jaw implant incision

Jaw implants differ from chin implantations, though those with smaller jaws often have weak chins. Chin augmentation can also improve the appearance of the nose, making it look smaller. This is because weak chins make larger noses the pinnacle of the face.

An appropriately sized chin balances the lower face with the midsection, drawing attention away from the nose. Chin augmentation also reduces the appearance of early jowling along the neck and jawline.  

Dr. Jacono’s philosophy for chin and jaw augmentation is that less is more. Overly pronounced chins may make women look masculine and men look exaggerated. Generally, in women, the chin’s ideal location should be slightly behind a plumb line drawn down from where the nose and lips meet. For men, it should be at this line or slightly in front of it, and a stronger, square chin and jawline are ideal. In women, a softer chin that comes to a point is best.

Jaw implants in males should be subdued, as overdone jaw implants in men can give a fake or “uncanny valley” appearance.

Many people are afraid of chin and jaw augmentation surgery because some doctors use implants that do not properly fit. The good news is that there are hundreds of implant sizes and shapes for different faces. Dr. Jacono will help you choose the implant that best accentuates your features.

Recovery After Surgery

The majority of swelling, bruising, and discomfort after jaw surgery resolves within a week or two. The mouth and jawline may be sore for several weeks, but this will eventually fade. Dr. Jacono also prescribes medication to alleviate pain.

There may be unexpected side effects after surgery. These include infection, poor wound healing, and shifts in implant position. However, these instances are extremely rare. The vast majority of patients recover without incident.

The outcomes of the procedure will refine and finalize within 9 months to a year. However, immediate results will be visible.

Frequently Asked Jaw Implant Questions

Most potential patients have questions about surgery. A few are answered below.

Jaw Implant Diagram
Jaw Implants Surgery Technique: This diagram demonstrates placement and location of Jaw Implants.

Is Jaw Implant Surgery Painful?

No, jawline implant surgery is not painful. Usually, patients are sedated with twilight anesthesia. This means that they are unconscious and unfeeling during the procedure. There may be some discomfort after treatment, but this can be alleviated with pain medication.

Do I Need Chin or Jaw Implants?

If you suffer from a weak chin or jaw and would like to make a change, you may be a candidate for augmentation surgery. Anyone of virtually any age can opt for this procedure.

Is Jawline Surgery Permanent?

Yes, jawline surgery is permanent. Implants remain for the duration of a patient’s life, as they grow into the face and attach to the underlying bone. Implant materials do not deteriorate over time.

If a patient is unsatisfied with the results of their procedure, they may undergo another surgical procedure to remove the implant.

What do Jaw Implant’s Cost?

Jaw implant cost will depend on the facial structure, the health of the patient, and the skill of the plastic surgeon.

Why Choose Dr. Jacono?

Dr. Jacono is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has been chosen as one of the best facial plastic surgeons in America by U.S. News and World Report, Harper’s Bazaar, and many other magazines. He is a certified expert in jaw and chin augmentation surgery. He prides himself on delivering the most comprehensive results.

To learn more about jaw implants, cheek implants, and jaw augmentation, contact Dr. Jacono’s offices. You can reach his New York City location at 212-570-2500. His Long Island office can be reached at 516-773-4646. You may also fill out our online consultation form, and one of our patient care specialists will assist.

Male Jaw Implant Before and After Photos

Jaw Implant Before and After – Patient 1:

This patient wanted a more masculine jawline. He underwent chin and jaw implant surgery. Now, he has a better-defined chin and jaw angle. He also had a revision rhinoplasty.

Before & After

Jaw Implants Before and After

Jaw Implant Before and After – Patient 2:

This patient wanted a better-defined jawline. Dr. Jacono installed jaw implants. His face now appears more aesthetically balanced.

Jaw Implant Photos - Patient 1 - Before
Jaw Implant Photos - Patient 1 - After

Jaw Implant Before and After – Patient 3:

This woman desired a more defined jawline. After jaw implants her face appears more aesthetically balanced.

Jaw Implant Photos - Patient 2 - Before
Jaw Implant Photos - Patient 2 - After

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