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American Spa - Dr. Jacono Talks Philanthropy

Dr. Jacono is one of the best facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the world. Known primarily for his masterful cosmetic techniques and astoundingly natural results, he has become a household name. Even his signature technique, the Extended Deep-Plane facelift, is the gold standard of modern facelifts.

In short, Dr. Jacono is at the top of his game. He is highly sought-after by patients from all over the globe, whether from Manhattan or Dubai. He works tirelessly to give the best outcomes, and always offers an excellent bedside manner.

As fantastic as he is as a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jacono is also a dedicated philanthropist. He regularly donates his time and expertise to pro-bono causes that treat people who couldn’t otherwise afford surgery.

“For me, philanthropy is an absolute must,” says Dr. Jacono. “I have always been dedicated to giving back in any way I can. As satisfying as it is to offer cosmetic changes, it’s even more rewarding to alter the course of people’s lives. It gives me a sense of purpose like nothing else does.”

According to Dr. Jacono, there are a number of ways to integrate charitable practices into business settings. The first step is deciding what’re important to you and different ways to make the most marked impact.

“This could be anything from domestic violence to skin cancer to children’s charities. There are a million ways to give back—you just have to find the ones you identify with the most.”

To this end, Dr. Jacono has partnered with FACE TO FACE: the National Domestic Violence Project. He has also joined forces with Healing the Children Northeast, an organization that provides surgery to children with facial deformities.

FACE TO FACE: the National Domestic Violence Project

From nearly the beginning of his career, Dr. Jacono has taken a personal stance against domestic violence on local and national levels. He first became aware of domestic violence causes after a patient returned with a shattered nose just a few months after her rhinoplasty. Her husband caused the injury.

“It was at this point I became involved in FACE TO FACE,” says Dr. Jacono. “It was heartbreaking to see, and I found that I couldn’t stand by and do nothing. FACE TO FACE provided an outlet for me to use my skills for the greater good.”

The program was started by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. It offers free consultations, surgery, counseling, and support to domestic violence victims who cannot afford proper treatment.

“After over a decade of involvement with this program, these patients have become like my extended family,” continues Dr. Jacono. “They give me a renewed energy that I bring to all of the patients in my practice. It’s so wonderful to be a part of.” Dr. Jacono fundraises for this cause in a number of ways. He offers free screenings, donates water bottles to charitable 5k races, and hosts an annual gala on behalf of domestic abuse victims. Above all, he aims to raise awareness.

Healing the Children

Dr. Jacono’s charitable vision goes beyond domestic violence. He is heavily involved with Healing the Children, an organization that heals children with burn injuries, cleft palates, and other deformities. The families of these children cannot afford proper medical care and rely on medical mission staff for treatment.

“Several times a year, I leave my practice to travel to areas around the U.S. and abroad,” says Dr. Jacono. “On these missions, I treat upwards of 100 children with severe facial abnormalities. My regular patients are aware of what I’m doing, and never seem to mind my absence because it’s for a great cause. I feel so lucky to be able to offer top-quality care to people who can’t afford it.”

Dr. Jacono most frequently visits Colombia and Ecuador on his medical missions, though he has also been to Peru, Argentina, and even Thailand. He has treated thousands of young patients and changed the lives of whole families. “It’s one of my greatest pride as a surgeon,” says Dr. Jacono. “It reminds me that I am much more than my skills. The feeling is quite literally indescribable.”

How to Give Back

It may sound difficult to get involved in charitable causes, but this is not the case. Business owners have a strong platform on which to give back to the community at large.

“There are so many ways to help,” says Dr. Jacono. “Perhaps you could donate a portion of retail sales or services to charities you align with. You can also donate the services you do offer to those who need them but can’t afford them. If you’re a doctor, you can offer complimentary psoriasis treatment during National Psoriasis Month (August). You can also give spa treatments to those suffering from similar illnesses. The options are practically endless.”

In the end, how and why you get involved in charitable partnerships is up to you. What’s important is how dedicated you are to the cause, and how much you can give back if you care enough. At the end of the day, nothing is more important, or gratifying, than giving back to the community, whether local or global.

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