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Dr. Jacono Named Best International Surgeon

Learn more about a recent article naming Dr. Jacono one of the Best International Surgeons, in Tatler Magazine.

Dr. Jacono: World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon

Tatler Magazine has recognized Dr. Jacono as one of the world’s best international surgeons. The English publication specifically highlighted Jacono for his treatment of high-profile clients and his famed Extended Deep-Plane facelift.

Dr. Jacono Named Best International Doctor in Tatler Magazine
Dr. Jacono Named Best International Doctor in 2023 by Tatler Magazine

“It is a privilege to be included in Tatler’s list of the best international doctors,” says Dr. Jacono. “This speaks to the universal appeal of my techniques, as well as to global beauty standards. No matter where my patients hail from, they want to look younger, smoother, and more symmetrical. I’m happy to offer my services to anyone who wants a serious aesthetic boost.”

Dr. Jacono is a master in all regards. Specializing in both surgical and minimally invasive procedures, he has perfected countless techniques. On the surgical side, these include rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and facelift. On the non-invasive side, these include hyaluronic acid injections, Botox treatments, and laser resurfacing. “The face is an incredibly complex and important part of the body,” says Dr. Jacono. “Even the most minor changes can create major results. For this reason, I prefer to make subtle alterations. The worst thing any surgeon can do is disobey their patient’s wishes and make them look like a different person. The goal is to make people look just like themselves, but younger and more beautiful. At the end of the day, surgery is more of an art than a cookie-cutter science.”

Best International Surgeon For the Elite

Because Dr. Jacono’s approach is so unique and effective, he has become a beacon of light among the elite. Celebrities, influencers, and billionaires alike flock to his Park Avenue premises for the latest in nip-and-tuck advancements. Even Marc Jacobs trusted him with his facelift surgery, going so far as to reveal his results on social media.

“In the last few years, I’ve seen more celebrity clients and individuals of high net worth than ever before,” says Dr. Jacono. “The demand has been overwhelming. At the same time, I’m incredibly grateful that people see me as a bastion of cosmetic integrity. I have to thank social media in part for this. My Instagram page, for example, has amassed over 500,000 followers, and many of my before-and-after photographs have garnered hundreds of thousands of likes. People are hungry for surgeons who treat the face with special care and integrity.”

With such dramatic demand for treatment comes a hefty price tag—Dr. Jacono’s fee for a facelift has ballooned to $250,000. This doesn’t include other procedures often added for complete rejuvenation. These prices put much of the public out of the running for the best aesthetic results. However, the most influential people in the world are attracted by such exclusivity.

“My patients routinely fly in from across the world just for a facelift,” says international surgeon Dr. Jacono. “They’ve learned about my practice and seen my results, and they’re attracted by my naturalistic eye for detail. They also appreciate how I treat them like members of a greater family.”  

What Are Dr. Jacono’s Signature Procedures?

Of course, Dr. Jacono’s reputation would mean nothing if he didn’t routinely deliver on his promises. He has not only mastered existing techniques but pioneered his own, including the Deep Plane Facelift. This procedure improves upon the traditional facelift, a procedure that has been associated with the best-known plastic surgical disasters. Jocelyn Wildenstein, Mickey Rourke, and others were victims of traditional facelifting mishaps.

“Early in my career, I became dissatisfied with the traditional facelift,” says Dr. Jacono. “It separates the skin from muscle and only tightens superficial tissue. My patients felt they looked unnatural, tight, and pulled. I wasn’t proud of the work I was doing, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.”

Thus, the Extended Deep Plane Facelift Technique was born. It keeps skin and muscle tissue together as a unit, releases key ligaments, and lifts the framework at a vertical angle. This smooths wrinkles and adds considerable volume, making patients look ten to twenty years younger. It is also an incredibly safe procedure, boasting a low rate of facial nerve injury and other complications.

“My Extended Deep-Plane Facelift technique is at the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery,” says Dr. Jacono. “There is simply no other procedure like it. It improves upon just about every aspect of the traditional facelift, offering much more natural, pleasing results. My patients couldn’t be happier.”

Who Is Dr. Jacono?

Dr. Jacono is a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon. Widely considered an artist and master technician, he has been at the forefront of aesthetic medical advancements for most of his career.

Beyond the operating room, Dr. Jacono is an avid figure drawer. He is also venturing into new territory with Bibliotheque, a bookstore, café, and wine bar he owns with his son, a writer named AJ Jacono.

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