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Dr. Jacono on Healing After Surgery

Dr. Jacono discusses healing after facial plastic surgery in this City Living article.

Dr Jacono Discusses Healing after Surgery

Dr. Jacono sat down with City Living to discuss the process of surgical recovery. As exciting as it is to undergo a cosmetic procedure, the aftermath can be quite challenging to deal with. Still, with the proper resources, just about anyone can thrive after treatment.

For Dr. Jacono and other top facial plastic surgeons, patient healing occurs in luxurious hotels. The hotels themselves offer indulgent post-surgery recovery packages that New Yorkers are especially willing to pay money for. Some will even shell out thousands of dollars to make their process more comfortable.

“If I can make the recovery process any easier on my patients, I aim to do it,” says Dr. Jacono. “Healing from surgery can be quite difficult. I’m happy to help.”

What Is the Healing Process After Surgery?

Healing from surgery entails a variety of complications. The most common are swelling, bruising, and a general sense of discomfort. These symptoms occur because surgery is a form of trauma. In an attempt to heal, the body increases the fluid concentration in particular areas of the face.

The consequences of the body’s response can include not only pain but a temporarily ghastly appearance. Surgical procedures like the facelift and the neck lift cause wide discoloration of the skin. If people were to be seen in public with these sorts of symptoms, they could be subject to ridicule and embarrassment.

Luxurious Healing

Considering these consequences, some people choose to hide out for the duration of their healing. The wealthiest of these partner with their doctors to find the most desirable venues.

“It’s a special privilege of mine to give my patients access to the best post-operative care,” says Dr. Jacono. “These venues offer a place to stay without any judgment. The best part about them is that they usually offer other benefits in addition to being a place to stay.”

By way of example, the Pierre, a 5-star Central Park Hotel, offers a multitude of benefits. These include, but are certainly not limited to room discounts, car services, and daily delivered ice, pillows, and towels. It also offers in-room manicures and pedicures, as well as blowouts.

Affinia Gardens, another Upper East Side hotel, has similar standards. It regularly works with private doctors’ offices to prepare for post-surgery guests and takes things to the next level. Bedside lamps twist and turn, allowing doctors to examine patients. Patios in the Garden Terrace suites feature balconies that face inwards towards a private garden. This allows guests to get fresh air without having to go outside before they’re prepared to. What’s more, Affinia Gardens offers a six-choice pillow menu, grocery delivery, and laundry service.

The Surrey is yet another 5-star hotel located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It offers a “Recovery at the Surrey” package, which is especially attractive for patients recovering from facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. It includes benefits that are seen in many other luxury hotels. It also has a menu specially catered toward recovery. It includes several different flavors of Jell-O, pudding, oatmeal, Ensure, and even baby food, all of which are easy to chew and swallow. Other deliverable items are cold compresses, heating pads, and room service from the famed Café Boulud.

“The amenities at these top-tier hotels are nothing short of astounding,” says Dr. Jacono. “They make sure that every single post-operative patient is as comfortable as they can possibly be. That is a major blessing for anyone who has just undergone surgery.” Of all these luxury hotels, Dr. Jacono prefers to send his patients to Surrey. This is because it is closest to his Fifth Avenue office. If a house call is needed, he can rush over and get there in an appropriate period of time.

Hotel vs. Home: Which Is Better?

Some people might think that staying at home would be the more comfortable option, especially after an invasive treatment. The truth, however, is that time away from home can actually make the process less stressful.

“Patients who return home after surgery might feel the need to return to their household or work responsibilities too quickly,” says Dr. Jacono. “A stay at a luxury hotel allows them to focus on themselves and their recovery. Plus, it enhances a patient’s overall experience. In many cases, plastic surgery is an indulgence, and recovery at a 5-star hotel extends the luxury a step further.”

With so many incredible post-operative hotel options in New York City, it’s no wonder that plastic surgery seems more attractive than ever. After all, if you are going to spend the money to look your best, what is the harm in paying a little extra to get the most comfortable recovery experience? So, book that beautiful room and enjoy your time away from the world!

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