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Hamptons Magazine Highlights Dr. Jacono’s J Spa

Dr. Jacono discusses his Medical Day Spa, J SPA located on Long Island, in this Hamptons Magazine article.

Dr Jacono Discusses J SPA with Hamptons Magazine

Hamptons Magazine, one of New York’s most famous publications, interviewed Dr. Jacono about different ways to promote youthful skin and collagen production. The issue also covered his very own medical spa, called J Spa, which offers all kinds of youth-preserving treatments.

“Although surgery is the most effective option, patients are more than welcome to try out minimally invasive options,” says Dr. Jacono. “They offer excellent results at a fraction of the price and downtime. That said, they are more often than not a gateway to more invasive intervention down the line.”

The Best Non-Invasive Options

As Dr. Jacono notes, surgery is by far the most popular and effective solution to age-induced symptoms. This is because it directly manipulates facial architecture and adds support to places that lack it.

“Volume: that’s what really characterizes youth,” says Dr. Jacono. “It’s having that full silhouette, that heart-shaped face everybody talks about. The problem with aging is that even in our late 20s and early 30s, the face gradually starts to deflate. The cheeks aren’t as apple-y as they used to be, the facial structure starts to change, and we get folds, lines, grooves, and parentheses around the mouth.”

However, some patients are either unwilling to undergo surgery or do not think that they are ready for more dramatic procedures. According to Dr. Jacono, these cases are quite common. Thankfully, there are a variety of minimally and non-invasive options that provide clients with excellent results.

“The best-known non-invasive options are usually laser resurfacing, injectables, or chemical peels,” says Dr. Jacono. “All of these treatments are effective, and their results are noticeable. That said, they are undeniably temporary, which means that patients will have to return to their doctor’s office for maintenance.”

J Spa, Dr. Jacono’s very own medical spa, enlists a slew of cutting-edge techniques. These include Sculptra Aesthetic, Ultherapy, and stem-cell facelifts.

Sculptra Aesthetic is a series of volumizing injections. Unlike other fillers, like Restylane and Juvéderm, Sculptra is a longer-lasting treatment that stimulates the production of natural collagen deep within the skin. Moreover, if patients undergo a full cycle of three treatments, results can last up to two years, much longer than any other injectable on the market. Restylane and Juvéderm, on the other hand, only last for four to six months.

Ultherapy is another brand-new treatment that uses ultrasound technology to counteract the effects of gravity. It bypasses the surface skin and directs heat deep into facial tissue, tightening and toning muscles. Unlike other non-invasive treatments, Ultherapy is a proactive procedure that helps to prevent drooping from occurring in the first place. It also stimulates collagen production to plump the skin and gives it a more attractive sheen.

Stem-cell facelifts are yet another example of minimally invasive cosmetic treatments that work. During the procedure, Dr. Jacono extracts fat tissue from the body, then processes it in a lab to separate the stem cells. These are injected into the facial tissues with a combination of growth factors. Stem cell solutions mimic and stimulate the cells around them, which encourages the production of collagen and other important healing compounds. Unlike a more traditional facelift, the stem-cell lift involves no cutting or scarring and corrects volume loss without altering the face’s natural anatomy. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is a fraction of the cost of older cosmetic surgical methods. It also takes far less time to perform and can treat the face as a whole.

“Overall, non-invasive options are great, simple solutions to aging that don’t involve cutting or scarring,” says Dr. Jacono. “I’m proud to offer them at J Spa, and my patients couldn’t be happier to have access to them.”

But What About Surgery?

Patients should know that, while minimally invasive procedures work, surgery is the most effective option. Non-invasive options do not alter fundamental facial structures that weather with age. For example, hyaluronic acid and Botox injections cannot lift sagging muscles; they can only temporarily tighten them. The same goes for Ultherapy and other laser-based treatments.

What’s more, because non-invasive treatments are not permanent, patients must return to their doctor’s office every few months for maintenance. This is not only inconvenient but also costs more money in the long run. This causes all kinds of frustration and can be avoided with a quick, easy nip-and-tuck.

“The fact of the matter is that surgery will always win out over surface-level treatments,” says Dr. Jacono. “Most of the time, my patients begin with minimally invasive procedures, but they eventually get tired of their diminishing returns and opt for something like a facelift. After a while, it simply becomes impractical to rely on injections and other temporary treatments when surgery is more dramatic and permanent.”

No matter what you decide, Dr. Jacono encourages you to visit a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. There is no point in trusting your face to anyone other than the best and brightest in the field!

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