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FACE THE FACTS: The Truth About Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures that DO and Don’t Work

FACE THE FACTS: The Truth About Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures that DO and Don't Work | NYC Andrew A. Jacono, MD, FACS
Medical Arts Publishing, Manhasset, NY, $15.95 USD, softcover (122p)
ISBN: 1-4196-2483-0

Urged by his patients to write a book that shares his expertise in cosmetic surgery with the world, Andrew A. Jacono, MD, FACS, delivers with this “crash course” in facial plastic surgery and skin care. Presenting the technical, and often confusing, world of medicine in an easily-comprehensible manner, Face the Facts: The Truth about Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures That Do and Don’t Work provides the basic information necessary to understand how aging affects appearance, explains the surgical and nonsurgical facial treatment options currently available, and reveals why some procedures work and some don’t.

Dr. Jacono believes most unsatisfactory results from plastic surgery result from the surgeon employing the wrong treatment for the problem. As one example of the complexities of diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Jacono explains the differences between various types of wrinkles, their causes, and the disparate techniques necessary to successfully improve the negative effects of aging for each type of wrinkle. Written in a straightforward manner with numerous helpful illustrations and tables, Face the Facts explores all available plastic surgery procedures, presents the pros and the cons of each, and details the expected outcome and recovery process. In addition, the author’s interspersed “Pearls of Wisdom” provide the reader with insightful, no-nonsense answers to many common misconceptions regarding facial enhancement.

Dr. Jacono emphasizes preventative measures, such as avoiding the sun and skin pollutants, and using a daily regimen of skin care ointments. He also advocates the use of his series of facial injections deemed “The Face Cocktail” for patients in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, while reserving the more aggressive procedures that include the “ScarFree Facelift” for those in their 60s and above who are dealing with the drastic effects of sagging skin. Punctuating his advice with photographs of the dramatic changes seen in clients before and after each type of procedure, Dr. Jacono promotes the benefits of cosmetic surgery while cautioning against unknowledgeable doctors who can ultimately cause more harm than good.

Educational, enlightening, and clearly written, Face the Facts is a must-read for anyone considering cosmetic facial surgery. Empowered by Dr. Jacono’s experience and professional advice, as well as a comprehensive list of additional resources for further research, readers will be able to effectively discuss surgery with their personal doctors and make informed decisions regarding their skin treatment options. Click here to order on Amazon.

BookWire Review

May 11, 2006

FACE THE FACTS is a brilliant and informative read for anyone talking about, writing about or considering facial plastic surgery. Available on Amazon.com and at Barnes & Noble, the book retails for $15.95. Ten percent of the proceeds from each book will go to “FACE TO FACE,” a national project offering pro bono consultation and reconstructive surgery to victims of domestic violence. Dr. Jacono regularly performs pro bono surgeries for “FACE TO FACE” and has been highly recognized for his work with this and other charitable organizations.

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