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Arm Lift Surgery (Brachioplasty)

Learn More About Arm Lift Surgery on Long Island, New York

As individuals age, their upper arm skin may become loose and saggy. While weight gain and loss can cause this, sometimes genetics is a direct cause.

Unfortunately, diet and exercise alone cannot solve the problem of excess underarm skin. In such cases, surgeons recommend arm lift surgery. We often pair it with liposuction for better toning and contouring.

Loose skin can cause the following negative effects:

  • Skin irritation
  • Rashes
  • Chafing
  • Drops in self-confidence.
  • The urge to wear long, baggy clothing.
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Arm Lift Surgery Illustrated Before and After

What Can an Arm Lift Do for You?

  • Remove hanging, sagging skin.
  • Remove excess fat.
  • Tighten the upper arm.
  • Improve overall arm contour.
  • Eliminate unsightly “bat wings.”
  • Reduce rashes and chafing.

How is Arm Lift Surgery Performed?

During an arm lift, we remove unwanted fat using a combination of liposuction and surgical excision. The incision’s placement depends on several factors but will always be in the least noticeable area possible. Once our surgeon removes the fat, they pull the excess skintight (re-drape) and trim it. Then, we secure the incision site with sutures, holding it in place.

Types of Arm Lift Surgery

Based on each patient’s needs and goals, there are various arm lift procedures that our board-certified plastic surgeons perform. The most common procedures include the short-scar arm lift, the limited incision arm lift, and the traditional arm lift.

Short Scar Arm Lift:

Designed to remove excess skin from only the inner arm. Our surgeons aim to make the incision virtually invisible by hiding it within the armpit.

Limited Incision Arm Lift:

Targets moderate skin and fat in the upper arms. The incision begins at the armpit and extends to the middle of the upper arm.

Traditional Arm Lift:

Addresses severely saggy skin and troublesome fat. The incision extends from the armpit to the elbow. In some cases, a T-shaped incision can help to limit the development of scars. As always, our surgeons hide the incision in the armpit, for natural-looking results.

For significant weight loss in dramatic arm lift cases, more invasive approaches are necessary. Our surgeons may opt to perform an extended arm lift. This incision extends to the lateral chest wall, and even to the breast, if necessary.

Recovery from Brachioplasty

After the procedure, our surgeon will carefully wrap both your arms in a compression garment or bandage to minimize swelling. They may also use drainage tubes to collect any excess fluids. To care for these tubes, they will provide you with precise instructions.

Some slight numbness or tingling in the first week or two is normal and will gradually subside. Our surgeon will prescribe pain medication and anti-nausea medication if needed. It is important to follow their instructions regarding their usage.

For the first week after the procedure, avoid showering and opt for sponge baths until notified otherwise. Around one week after the surgery, you’ll have a follow-up appointment to remove the drains and bandaging.

Patients can typically resume normal activities within the week of the follow-up appointment. However, it’s essential to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activities for about a month to ensure a smooth recovery. Our surgeon will guide you through the process for a successful and comfortable recovery.

Who is a Good Arm Lift Candidate?

Men and women unhappy with the fatty, saggy skin in their upper arms may be good candidates for an arm lift. The best and easiest way to find out if you’re suitable is by scheduling a consultation with our plastic surgery associates. Our surgeons will evaluate your cosmetic goals and offer the best possible surgical approach for you.

Call our Manhattan office at 212-570-2500, to learn more about arm lift surgery or to schedule a consultation. As an alternative, you can reach our Long Island office at 516-773-4646. You can also complete our online contact form and we will be happy to book your appointment as soon as possible.

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