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Buttock Augmentation (Gluteal Augmentation)

More Information About the Butt Augmentation Procedures and BBL Surgery on Long Island, New York

What is BBL Surgery?

There are many women who are unhappy with the shape and size of their buttocks. In many cases, exercise and diets do not help them to achieve the butt they desire. The buttocks are one of the toughest areas of the body to shape.

Fortunately, there’s a cosmetic solution known as buttock augmentation or “Brazilian butt lift” available to help. This procedure is equally beneficial to both women and men in achieving their aesthetic goals.

What is Buttock Augmentation

A buttock augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves the use of butt implants or fat grafting. Sometimes, our surgeons use a combination of both to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. This procedure is great for those desiring a balanced figure and are unhappy with the shape and size of their butt.

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Some benefits of a Butt Augmentation surgery include:

  • An increased fullness, projection, and roundness of your butt.
  • Can bring balance and harmony to your figure.
  • Can enhance your self-confidence and self-esteem.

As noted above, we perform this procedure using butt implants or transferring existing fat, or sometimes a combination of both. We use several surgical techniques to perform buttock augmentation. Our board-certified plastic surgeons will decide the right approach for your surgery during your consultation.

We determine the best approach for you based on:

  • Current butt shape and size
  • How much fat on your body is available for use.
  • How much extra skin is available.
  • Skin elasticity
  • Your activity levels.
  • Your goals and expectations

For a standard butt augmentation, we begin with an incision to insert the new silicone implants. The incision site will vary depending on the approach. After placing the implants, they use layered sutures, surgical tape, or skin adhesive, to close the incision.

Butt Augmentation Approaches

If our surgeons are performing fat grafting or a Brazilian butt lift, they will use liposuction extract fat for the augmentation. We create a small incision to insert the cannula and loosen excess fat. Then, we extract the fat through a surgical vacuum or syringe, attached to the cannula.

We then process the fat, fat tissue, and blood, from the liposuction, for reuse. Using syringes attached to the cannula, we then add the fat to your buttocks through small injections throughout the treatment area.

There are some benefits to having a butt augmentation using only transferred fat which include:

  • Natural feel and appearance.
  • No implants are inserted into your body.
  • Smaller incisions with less scarring.
  • Reduced recovery time.
  • Lowered chances of infection.
  • Body sculpting to the donor areas.

Butt Augmentation Recovery

Prior to returning home, our surgeons will give you specific instructions that will guide you through the recovery process. You will learn how to care for your buttocks area and any areas that were subject to liposuction. We will also prescribe the necessary medications and inform you about their usage. Finally, we will discuss when your follow-up appointment takes place.

Patients will also need to wear a support garment following the procedure. Our trained staff will instruct you on how long you will need to wear the compression garment.

If your procedure involved silicone butt implants, you would typically wear the garment for the first two to three weeks. This garment helps to provide support to the augmented area and helps the skin to redrape properly.

For those who had a fat transfer with an augmentation, you will need to avoid sitting for a prolonged period. This helps eliminate any damage to the fat, caused by sitting for extended periods of time. We encourage patients to sleep on their stomachs or on their sides. When sitting, place a pillow or cushion behind your legs to avoid putting pressure on the fat grafts.

Most patients can return to normal activities and exercise within 6 to 8 weeks. Within 3 months after the surgery, most patients should also see their results. This is when most of the swelling has gone down. If we used implants, they should settle into their final position by then, too.

Who is a Candidate for Butt Augmentation?

You may be a good candidate if you are a man or woman who is in good physical health. This procedure is a great option for those who are unhappy with the size and shape of their butt. Additionally, you should have realistic expectations for the surgical outcome.

During your consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeons, we will discuss your goals and issues. We will then determine if a buttock augmentation or Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is the right procedure for you.

To learn more about butt augmentation or to schedule your consultation, please fill out our online contact form. You can also reach a member of our staff by calling our Long Island office at 516-773-4646. Further, you can call our New York City location at 212-570-2500.

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