A young woman with a beautiful face and skin.

The Best Five Celebrity Facelifts

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A young woman with a beautiful face and skin.

Do Celebrities Actually Get Plastic Surgery?

The answer to this, if you pay attention to Hollywood at all, is of course. Lots of celebrities get plastic surgery, some with good results that turn them into stunning beauties, and some with bad results that are just, well, stunningly terrible. The quality of plastic surgery depends on who is doing the surgery, why they’re doing it, and how drastic it is. 

Plastic Surgery Celebrity Success Stories

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has admitted only to having lip fillers, but it’s clear that something was done between her earlier years and her current years – and it looks phenomenal. Yes, we all go through awkward stages when we’re young, but Kylie has blossomed into a gorgeous media darling. And our professional opinion is that she had some really expert work done. Some plastic surgeon with a lot of skill took a good canvas and turned it into a masterpiece.

Kourtney Kardashian

When it comes to facelifts, Kourtney Kardashian found an excellent plastic surgeon who took an already-beautiful woman, made a few precise and expert nips and tucks and produced the amazing results we see in front of us now. It goes to show that plastic surgery doesn’t have to be an overhaul to be dramatic.

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson was beautiful to begin with, but she wasn’t happy with her nose. And nose jobs can be dicey, but she landed on the perfect plastic surgeon. She went from being the pretty girl next door to being the red carpet’s next glamor gal. 

Ashley Tisdale

This star of High School Musical said that she got a nose job to repair a deviated septum, but when you compare the photos clearly more was done. This teen beauty has graduated to adult runway beauty. 

What Procedures Do Celebrities Have to Remain Ageless?

We’ve all seen what happens when plastic surgeries go too far on celebrities as they try to reverse the years (but we won’t name any names). But there are a lot of procedures that celebrities have been turning to that are not nearly as drastic and that have proven to have much better results than the over-the-top hack-and-slash jobs. 

Frequent procedures like RF treatments, dermal fillers, Botox, and fat transfers are all routine work that celebrities have done to make sure they remain looking young and gorgeous.

The key to good plastic surgery is rarely to make large cuts and pulls, but to do tiny, almost imperceptible adjustments that shape and contour the face and body to turn something good into something astounding.  

Who Is the Best Facelift Surgeon?

Andrew Jacono has been recognized as a plastic surgeon to the stars: celebrities, models, actresses and actors, TV news personalities, as well as the everyday men and women who are looking to turn back time and look years younger. 

Read more about Dr. Andrew Jacono, MD, FACS, here.

Andrew Jacono

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